A digital collectable card game (DCG) or online digital collectable card game (ODCG) is an electronic card game (ICO) or online card game (OCG) that is usually played online or sometimes as standalone computer game and can be played for free or paid. It is similar to its traditional counterpart, where the gamer interacts with cards that represent characters in the game. The cards have pre-printed images of such characters. The main difference lies in the fact that in a DCG, the player interacts with a virtual computer generated interface in which the characters are virtually depicted. OCCGs are purely online card games that involve playing these online games against opponents from around the world. They can also be multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) where one player plays the role of different characters in an interactive story.

OCCGs or online collectible card game generally revolve around characters belonging to popular cartoon or movie franchises like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and many more. Some of them are adaptations of well-known novels written by fantasy novel authors, while others are entirely fan-made creations. OCCGs are usually played on the World Wide Web using web browsers. They are mostly multiplayer games, which is the reason for their immense popularity. Many of these online card games are free and the players can choose to play them with other players or against them. Players can also compete with each other in a tournament styled game called a dragon quest.

เกมไพ่ตีไก่ As far as the popularity of online card games are concerned, it has reached a zillion levels. One reason behind this is the ever-increasing popularity of online gaming or online poker. The digital card game market is highly competitive and the top players are getting hooked on to this lucrative business. Another reason for its tremendous popularity is the evergreen trend of remakes or sequels. While players wait eagerly for new releases of their favorite video games, they can enjoy playing their own old favorites through online virtual card games.

The top most massively multi-player online card game in the world right now is Yu-Gi-Oh! The first animated Japanese cartoon series of the same franchise has been hugely successful not only in the Japanese market but in every major language worldwide. Yu-Gi-Oh! is played in almost every country where Internet is available excepting China where Internet is not available.

The popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh! is such that there are dedicated sites and communities for this card game and they attract many thousands of visitors every month. Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Poker Games are played between real players using authentic cards containing jokers and other cards the players can buy from the market or online.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Poker Games are played in a very simple way, as there are only a few rules to understand. Yu-Gi-Oh! is played also on the Internet and some of the top online casinos will let you play this game online for free. If you have your own computer and access to the Internet, you can login and play without downloading anything to your computer. If you have a video camera or a scanner, you can take pictures of the cards and scan them into your computer which will allow you to bet and play with real money.