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Sports Betting Basics

Sports Betting Basics

Online sports betting offers fans ease and convenience when it comes to putting a few bucks on a game. Online sportsbooks have given anyone who has access to the Internet the opportunity to place a quick wager any time– day or night.

An array of wagers can be placed on games that are to be played that day. You may put money down using the point spread or the money line, and you can bet on the over/under. These three kinds of popular bets may be placed on baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer contests.

When wagering on baseball or hockey you’ll find that the most popular bet is the money line. Another common wager made by sportsbook enthusiasts combines the point spread and money line. In baseball this type of bet is called the run line, and in hockey it is known as the puck line.

You may put money down on a team using one or more of these types of wagers. An additional popular wrinkle on these bets is the parlay, which allows you to substantially increase your profit margin and your risk of losing.


With the point spread, the team that’s favored has points taken away, or another way to look at it is that the weaker club is given some points. Point spreads are common when wagering on football and basketball. Let’s say you’re putting money on the Patriots- Dolphins contest and the point spread is 3 ½ with the Pats at – 3 ½ . You put a sawbuck on Miami and they lose 21- 20.

They may have lost, but you won some money. Why? In terms of the point spread the handicappers have spotted the team from Miami 3 ½ points. For you to lose, New England would have had to win by at least 4 points. According to the point spread, the bookmaker’s score was Patriots 17 ½ (21 – 3 ½ = 17 ½ ) and Miami 20. You win.

The half-points that odds makers put in point spreads are meant to guard against a “push.” As an example: the Utah Jazz play the Timberwolves in Minnesota and the home team is -1. If the game ends with Minnesota winning by one-point, 86-85 and you had put your money on the Jazz – do you win or lose? Neither – it’s a “push,” which means via the point spread the teams ended the game tied and you simply get back the money you wagered. You don’t win, and you don’t lose.


When betting the money line in either baseball or hockey, you’re putting dough on a team to win regardless of the point spread. A money line in hockey would look like this: Columbus Blue Jackets +280, Detroit Red Wings -360.

In the Blue Jacket – Red Wings contest, if you put $360 down on Detroit, you can win $100. However, if you put $100 on Columbus and they win, you get your $100 plus $280. Remember, there is no point spread involved in this type of bet.

Why is the money line set up this way? When playing the money line, the team that is the underdog pays more for less of a wager. While it costs a lot more money to bet on the favored team, if they win you take in very little money. Also, if they lose, you’re out a greater amount of cash than if you’d bet on the team that was not favored.

This type of bet is based on the fact that more people will place their money on the club that is expected to lose because it’s cheaper and the payoff is much higher. Less money will be put on the better team but more will be risked per bet and the payoff will be substantially less. Either way, the bookmakers are covered. If the favorite loses, the sports books make their commission; if the favorite wins, the book makers break even.

Chances are the Jackets will lose, and the casino will keep that money and pay out a small amount to those who took the favored team. If the underdog wins, although the payout is high, the casino has taken in a substantial amount of money on the favorite and they actually make money.


Most online betting services offer hockey and baseball as a point spread in conjunction with a money line. Thus, you have to play the money line but you get the benefit of a basic point spread. This combination of money line and point spread is called the puck line for hockey and the run line for baseball. Typically the point spread for baseball is set at 1 ½ runs and for hockey it’s 1 ½ goals.


When you place an over/under bet, you’re wagering on the total number of points that will be scored. When putting money on soccer, you may find that the over/under on the contest between Manchester United and Arsenal is 2.5. If you choose the under and 2 goals are scored, you win. However, if three or more goals are scored, you’d lose that wager. Typical over/unders in hockey range from 5 to 7, while a typical over/under for baseball is from 4 to 14 runs. The NBA basketball range varies quite a bit, from 175-225 points.

The total number of points for the over/under is based on an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s defense and offense, point trends, and match-ups. This bet really demands a solid understanding of each team’s potential on a given night.


There are many other types of bets in which you can engage, but one that allows you to expand your winnings quickly is the parlay. A parlay bet is simply a wager that combines two or more bets. When you place a parlay, you must win every one of the bets to receive any payoff. Using this method of combining wagers gives you a much higher payoff on the same investment that you can make on one wager. Of course, there is a greater risk of losing.

If you parlay a bet on the Red Sox- Yankees run line, on the Angels- Mariners over/under, a third pick on the Angels- Mariners run line and a final pick on the Cubs- Cards run line, you could get odds of 12 to 1. Placing an $11 single bet on each of these wagers would mean you would put $44 down and get a payoff of $10 per wager. If you won all 4 bets, you’d make about $40. However, in playing a 4-bet parlay, one $11 bet could result in a $110 profit.

There are many other types of bets in which you can engage and online betting sites are constantly coming up with new twists. When wagering, take some time to do your homework on the sport, the teams, and the players. Wager wisely. Most gambling experts will tell you that a professional who knows what they’re doing will win about 60% of the time. Most professional wagering is not an attempt to win a lot at once; rather it’s a steady process where, with careful wagering, people turn a profit.

Bookie Buster Review – Good Or Bad?

Bookie Buster Review – Good Or Bad?

After having a chance to look into the system on my own, I decided to write this Bookie Buster review detailing my experiences. Can you really consistently beat the bookies when betting? Is it truly possible to quit your day job and still manage to pay all of your bills with ease, off of gambling winnings alone? In this brief review I will answer these questions, as well as others. It is my objective to give you a better understanding of what you can realistically expect to get from Bookie Buster, and help you to decide whether or not the system is one that you should use.

I used to love to gamble to supplement my day job earnings. Eventually, however, I found that my hobby was costing me way more than it was making. Literally, I’d spent hundreds on systems that were “proven” to increase my winnings and make every bet a successful one. None of them worked. This is why, when I heard about Bookie Buster, I was skeptical.

Upon looking into the betting system, however, I learned that Bookie Buster was different than the rest. Unlike other programs that work with one sport, Bookie Buster can make you money betting on soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, NCAA games and more. The system is easy to follow, and in no time you can regularly be making $1,500 or more each month. The creator, Frank Belanger, makes more than $10,000 a month, and many others have been able to quit their day jobs and use the system as their only source of household income.

I really can’t stress enough how easy the e-book is to read and follow. There are tons of tips and tricks divulged in the e-book that sportsbook owners don’t want you to know. I highly recommend Bookie Buster to betters of all skill levels, trust me when I tell you if it can work for me, it can work for anyone.

Media Musings

Media Musings

I was watching television the other night and was jolted from the commentary, which incidentally was on the World Athletics Championships in Paris, by a series of rather ill-timed commercial interruptions. It was really amazing how one minute I’d be totally engrossed by the one hundred metres and all the nonsense of the false start rulings and such and then, just as I was getting quite into the whole thing, bang! On comes some totally incongruous advert about goodness knows what, cutting right across the commentator in mid-sentence. Real class and so respectful of the athletes’ years of dedication! And, as this was repeated throughout the night, I came to realize that “it’s not about the sport, stupid” it’s about the money and the television revenues. The sport is just something that goes in between the ads.
Anyway that’s what started me off thinking over the whole question of how certain sports become absolutely essential, and the staple diet for whole countries. For example, you could be showing the Stanley Cup in Brazil and I doubt they’d raise their eyes from their game of chequers, but if that were soccer, they’d be glued to the set. Now, why is that? Is it because all the folks down there are born with a predestined disposition in favour of soccer, or is it that the media have created a national fervour for that particular sport? Or is it that a certain familiarity with a particular sport is like a safe sanctuary for certain reporters? They sort-of know the jargon for hockey or football and so, from then on, it gets shoved up front in any piece they do regardless of what sport we’re talking about.
I mean it seems that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Brian Williams just can’t get through a broadcast without relating some of the action to hockey (or football): he’ll jump in with the most banal comparisons, trying to suggest that there are parallels to be drawn between the pole vault in athletics and the quarterback’s long bomb downfield for touchdown in football.
Brian, what are you talking about!?!
Anyway this whole train of thought brought me to the coverage of the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, and how that didn’t manage to rank better than an 11:30 pm slot on the goggle box. Shoved in after the news, when everyone was basically on their way to bed, and really a token presentation of the day’s events for the die-hard amateur sports fan. Bingo, there is the operative and all important word “Amateur”, no limo to and from the venue, no fat endorsement cheques coming through the mail and, let’s be honest here, what does Wayne Gretzky and his dad care about a sale of Ford cars!? C’mon if you are paid in the millions to stuff wads of chewing tobacco into your mouth and scratch occasionally, then you’re hot, but if you have to go it alone with subsistence funding and take on the world competition without a whole team behind you, then probably you are an amateur athlete, and boy you better watch out that you don’t let the country down at the Olympics or they’ll want that money back!

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

Football is the most popular sport in the world with its grand stage, the World Cup every four years. Many of the world’s players can become huge celebrities if they perform well during the World Cup. Fans will travel across the globe just to make sure that they see their favorite team play. This type of excitement can not be duplicated by any other sport anywhere in the world. Football does a wonderful job building many different skills in young children. These skills can help them progress in football, other sports, and in life in general.

Some of the physical skills that football will help children develop are speed, quickness, balance, endurance, and strength. Football players must have these skills to be able to play the game even at a young age. Players that develop these useful skills when they are young, have a great chance to blossom into a star later in life. Also many of these children will take these skills and use them in other sports as well. The skills learned in football can translate well into almost any sport. American football players, basketball players, baseball players, and even hockey players can benefit from playing football at an early age. One of my favorite basketball players of all time, Hakeem Olajuwon, grew up playing football in Africa. He attributed his great balance and coordination to the many years playing football. I believe that every child should grow up playing football, because I think that it can help them later on in life.

Football can also teach children many life lessons that they can look back on as they grow older. Children learn how to work well with others, because they have to communicate with their teammates if they want to have a chance of winning. Football also teaches children how to be humble winners and gracious losers, because they have to work through all of the emotions that come along with playing sports. It also teaches children the value of determination and hard work, because only the most determined and hard working teams will succeed. All of these skills that children learn at a young age will help to mold them into the leaders of the future.

Sports Equipment Bags for Convenient Team Travel

Sports Equipment Bags for Convenient Team Travel

Sports teams usually travel frequently for competitions and games, and each team member must carry certain belongings and equipment for the trips. Sports equipment bags provide an easy way to carry these belongings while also building team morale. Team logo bags are duffle bags or other similar bags with a printed team logo. Sometimes even the players’ names and numbers are printed on the bags.

When traveling overnight or on a day trip, many sports equipment bags have plenty of room for a uniform, personal hygiene items, shoes, and even protective gear. Team bags come in your team’s colors and have the logo custom printed professionally to give a uniform look. Team bags are often made of very durable materials to prevent wear and tear for the active lifestyle.

Who Uses Team Player Bags?

Any sports team or scholastic team can benefit by using team player bags. Team bags are designed to fit any need. Those involved in active sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and football can use sports equipment bags for local games or games that are played in other towns. Either way, the duffle bags are convenient for keeping all their necessary items for the game.

Swim teams can use team logo bags for their swimsuit and gear. Some swimming team bags are designed to be water-resistant and include a wet pocket. Those who take gymnastics classes can use team bags to keep all their gymnastics gear. For lacrosse teams, there are special team bags made with a Velcro section to carry a Crosse. There are also special “Crosse” logo bags made to accommodate two Crosses. For cheerleaders, team bags are designed for various levels of competition. Hockey players can benefit from specialized hockey stick bags or hockey garment bags.

Team bags are also convenient for non-sports teams or clubs such as chess clubs, honor clubs, beta clubs, science teams, and college fraternities.

Finding the Right Sports Equipment Bags for Your Team

Before buying sports equipment bags, consider the quality of the bags first and foremost. Bags for sports teams should be made to withstand frequent carrying and use. They should have reinforced stitching and be made of thick, durable material. Buy team logo bags that are appropriate for your team’s sport. The bags should be large enough to accommodate your team’s usual gear and a few personal items. Look for your school or team colors, and be sure to provide a clear copy of your team’s logo for quality screen-printing. If ordering online, consider the screen-printing set-up charges as well as shipping. These can greatly affect your final cost when ordering, but you can find good deals and even save money with some Internet companies. Many sports bag printing companies offer a quantity discount, so be sure to check out the specials before choosing your bags.

When traveling, team logo bags can help all your team members feel a sense of belonging and help boost morale before each game or competition. You can order the logo bags online with just a few easy steps. Check out the types of team bags available for your particular sport so you can start boosting team spirit today!

The Terminology Used In Hockey

The Terminology Used In Hockey

The language used in hockey is so detailed that only a true hockey enthusiast can really understand each and every term that’s used by referees and many of the terms used are also the same things that cost some teams penalty shots or even time in the penalty box. There are a total of 27 different plays that are considered penalties according to league rules and regulations. In order to be a referee one must know all the terms and what they mean and to be able to execute them during a game. A hard-core hockey fan can learn this easily through enough exposure to the game.

Learning the terms used in play calls are almost similar to what referees in basketball and football do since there’s a lot more calls than you would see in baseball. The most common of calls is when players fight against each other or against rival team players. Most of the other calls aren’t frequently used so much, but you’re likely to see a lot more fighting and unsportsmanly conduct on the ice. In order for someone to completely understand the terminology it’s what you call an acquired talent because it takes a lot of listening and patience to really embrace the terms used in this line of sport.

Some players who have tempers or behavior that’s unconventional or unsavory can be linked to a respective term which doesn’t help that particular player(s) because this only feeds into how the media views them too when they have to do by-lines for their articles and stories. The terms are so out of the ordinary it’s like they need their own dictionary or thesaurus to make full sense to those who don’t understand these terms enough to really explain them in detail. Either way the terms are very much a reality in hockey since back in years past the terminology wasn’t even in existence.

Some of the expressions in hockey today weren’t even used in the past, but as modifications in language changed that’s when they came up with these funky expressions for player’s behavior, team pep talks, and when it came down to someone’s playing ability there was a special term for everything and some of it is quite hilarious if you hear it often enough. The expressions alone could have their own section in the dictionary since for someone that doesn’t understand hockey they surely won’t understand the terms that both players and coaches will use on a constant basis.

Most of the time you’ll just see people using terms for poor sportsmanship and fighting since most of the time the other terms are used during a game. The hockey world is almost separate from every other sport because of the uniqueness of them using words that aren’t even along the lines of football and basketball since the terms are more in depth than the other two sports. Unless you’re a hockey enthusiast you’ll never really understand the terms of this sport. That’s why it’s a learned trait to understand the language used in hockey. If you sit with someone you can learn things most normal people who are not hockey fans don’t hear very often. The average hockey fan that is totally into the game are busy using 4 letter words more than staying calm. The adrenaline rush is so great that many hockey fans can actually make themselves dizzy from the stress.

Many fans don’t realize how hyped up they can get even at a simple referee call which can sometimes incite stuff on the ice with players going at it with each other.

NBA Basketball Betting

NBA Basketball Betting

Do you want to know a little secret? NBA basketball betting can make you a lot of money. NBA basketball is a game that has helped turn sports betting losers into happy sports bettors with larger bankrolls. It’s really no secret to winning sports bettors—NBA basketball is the easiest game to make money at. The game itself gives sports bettors plenty of opportunity and the ability to win right up until the end. Unlike Football, Baseball and Hockey, NBA basketball does not have limited scoring. In those other games you might see a handful—or less—of scoring executions per game. If your side gets behind too much, it’s over no matter how much time is left. However, in NBA basketball, your team is usually in the game until the end.

Think about it for a moment. If you were to bet a -8 point favorite in football and the game was tied with 6 minutes left and the other team had the ball, would you have a realistic shot at winning? The answer is probably not. However, let’s apply the same situation to an NBA basketball game and chop 4 minutes off the clock—so there’s 2 minutes left. Would you have a realistic shot at covering the 8 points? You bet! Teams must shoot the ball within 24 seconds and each made basket is worth 2 or 3 points. You would only need 3-4 baskets to make the 8 points. Granted, the other team can score too, but in the NBA, two minutes at the end of a game is an eternity when the teams are close.

Let’s look at another scenario. Imagine that it’s half time in Basketball and Football, it’s the 5th inning in Baseball and it’s the 2nd period in hockey. Which of these four following scenarios have the best outcome?

1.The team you bet on in Baseball is down by 6 runs.
2.The team you bet on in Hockey is down by 3 goals.
3.The team you bet on in Football is down by 21 points.
4.The team you bet on in NBA Basketball is down by 22 points.

The answer, of course, is number four. Scores are hard to come by in the first three options. While comebacks happen sometimes, in the NBA, teams always go on runs. Each season is filled with games where a team was down 10,15, even 20 points and came back to win. There are many other games where the underdog was down by a lot and game back to lose by just a few points. With the NBA, you are almost always in the action right up to the end of the game. Can you say that about any other sport?

Finally, let’s talk about NBA basketball totals. You might find that betting the total points in a game (under or over) is your thing and you would not be alone. There is a theory out there that those who can get a feel for totals betting are among the most successful sports bettors alive. You could debate that theory, but it does point out a very important idea. Totals betting in NBA basketball is full of winning opportunity and the sports books don’t set them as well as the spread. Will this translate into more money in your pocket? That’s for you to decide.

If you are not on fire right now for some NBA basketball action, check your pulse. NBA basketball presents one of the greatest opportunities open to sports bettors. Don’t miss out of a great thing. Sports bettors and handicappers look forward to the NBA basketball season every year and now you know why.

Sports Betting 101

Sports Betting 101

Betting on sports is perhaps as old as the various games themselves. Millions of people have made huge money out of betting on sports. Possibly no game is left virgin of betting. All games have bookies and wages attached to them. Alike is the case with the countries across the globe. Betting is becoming a universal phenomenon nowadays. The difference however lies in the fact that some countries have accepted betting and so have legalized it while others still consider it illicit. For instance betting is taken to be legal nearly in entire Europe whereas Nevada is the only place in United States of America where wagering is deemed to be lawful. But the geographical scenario does not bring much variation in the terms and conditions or the rules and style of betting. The betting policies for a particular game for example cricket remain approximately the same around the world.

But what differs with the place or country is the sport and the amount of bets placed on it. Like people in Asian countries are leaders in betting on cricket. Cricket is the favorite sport in the Asian subcontinent. But in Europe and America games like horse racing, basketball, hockey, soccer and football etc. receive topmost priority. Thus that sport is wagered the most, which is relished, by maximum number of people.

Australia is one of the best places in the world to enjoy betting. This is because betting is legal in Australia and there are ample of sports that are cherished by the Aussies. Australian Football and Rugby are the two eminent names in this category. Lots of good information and even betting guidelines or tips about these games and many others like tennis are available on the Internet due to the legality of sports betting in Australia.

Ireland is the land that gives birth to the most of the English sports action. Irish football and Hurling are unique English sports. Rugby, cricket, golf and tennis are other English sports that invite lot many bookmakers and so bets. The English Premier League or one can say the English Soccer involves tremendous wagering in Europe. Darts are also famous among the English. Many people love betting on the not so common game of Darts. But this isn’t all. Punters never leave The National Leagues, the National and International Cups, the Motor Sports like Formula F1 Racing, the IRL or the Indy Racing League and the NASCAR i.e. the National Association of Speedy Cars and Rednecks, involves million dollar wages or even more every year.

Human beings have always made good business through animals. Along with the horse racing the racing of animals like camels, pigs, ponies and dogs invite great amount of betting in Europe as well as on the land of America.

While betting on any game what should be followed is your knowledge of the game and what your intuition or common sense says. A bettor should be pretty clear and confident over the option of his bet. If an individual is making a bet for the first time, don’t bet big. It can lead to unexpected snags. Remember, it takes time to learn and develop betting skills.

Soccer And Basketball: The War Between The Two Of The Most Popular Sports

Soccer And Basketball: The War Between The Two Of The Most Popular Sports

Soccer and Basketball are currently considered to be the two of the most popular sports among the world’s population. Although Basketball was created in the United States, and Soccer in Europe, the two have become increasingly popular in both countries.

Both sports require the athletes to be in shape and fit, but endurance might be more important among soccer players, while exquisite skill is the more important factor in basketball. Many of the major differences between soccer and basketball are being subdued, due to the fact that basketball is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and soccer in the United States.

In the United States, most of the sports television broadcasts on network TV are of sports other than soccer. You generally need to have cable to catch a glimpse of a professional soccer game, and even then only a portion of the games are broadcast, compared to a majority of games of other sports. In Europe, soccer is a favorite pastime, and most of the games are broadcast over other sporting events such as basketball.

However, the United States is becoming more involved in the soccer world since they introduced the World Cup, and maybe the gap between football and futbol is finally diminishing. It is still more likely than not that more American’s, if asked to name 10 professional basketball players, then 10 professional soccer players, would have a much easier time naming the basketball players.

The fact still remains that American’s simply do not consider soccer to one of the traditional, all-American sports that it does football, basketball, and baseball. Regardless of the fact that soccer has been around and played for many, many years, much like the sports that are considered to be favorite pastimes in the United States, it just hasn’t been played religiously in the United States for individuals to simply give up our sports that consist mainly of players throwing balls, to players kicking balls instead.

It’s projected that within a few more years, the exposure of soccer in the United States, as well basketball in Europe and other countries, will begin to gain to popularity and respect as a sport well played by athletes who train just as hard as any other professional athlete. The media can help to play a huge role in broadening the horizons of soccer by simply making broadcasts of games more readily available and easier to access, as well as on other channels rather than only cable.

Sports in Modern Olympics

Sports in Modern Olympics

The Summer and Winter Olympic games includes a total of thirty five sports with fifty three disciplines. The Summer Olympics comprise of twenty sports with thirty-eight disciplines and the Winter Olympics consists of seven sports with fifteen disciplines. On a whole four hundred events are conducted. Each of the sport has an International Governing Body. More athletes and nations participate in the Summer Olympics.
The IOC or International Olympic Committee arranges the sports, disciplines and events in a hierarchical manner. Sports are subdivided into disciplines and disciplines are subdivided into events. The IOC after analyzing the popularity of a sport around the globe and decides whether it should be a part of the Olympics or not. To be a part of the Olympics, an event should be participated by men from fifty countries from three continents and women from thirty-five countries from three continents, at least.
Sports, which are no longer a part of today’s Olympics, are polo, golf, rugby union, tug of war, cricket, water skiing, etc. The reason for their discontinuation is lack of adequate participation, lack of interest and lack of a governing body. Tennis and archery are also some of the dropped sports, which were again a part of the Olympics in the year 1988 and 1972, respectively. Sports, which are included in the Olympics to promote the local sports of a particular region, are known as demonstration sports. Some of the demonstration sports, which are a part of the Olympics sports, are curling and baseball.
In the first modern Summer Olympic games, held in 1896, there were a total of nine sports. Now the count is twenty-eight and it has been decided that in the 2012 Summer Olympics, the count will be reduced to twenty six, with the withdrawal of softball and baseball. For a sport or discipline to be a part of the Summer Olympics, men from seventy-five nations from four continents and women from forty nations from three continents, should be participating at the least.
The aquatics discipline includes sports swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. The canoeing discipline consists of flatwater, BMX, slalom, track, road and mountain biking. The Gymnastics discipline consists of trampoline, artistic, and rhythmic. The volleyball discipline consists of indoor and beach. The other sports are archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, soccer, handball, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, softball, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, weightlifting and wrestling.
The Summer Olympic sports, which are discontinued, are Basque Pelota, Cricket, Croquet, Figure Skating, Golf, Ice Hockey, Ieu de Paume, Lacrosse, Polo, Rackets, Roque, Rugby Union, Tug of War, and Water Motor sports.
The demonstration sports which weren’t selected to be a part of the official Summer Olympics are American football, Australian rules football, ballooning, boules, budo, field handball, Finnish baseball, glima, gliding, kaatsen, korfball, la canne, lifesaving, longue paume, motor sport, roller hockey, sambo, savate, Swedish gymnastics, weight training with dumbbells, and water skiing.
Winter Olympic games started in 1924. Ice hockey and figure skating were a part of the Summer Olympics, before Winter Olympics started. In the beginning, there were nine sports in the Winter Olympic games, which have now been decreased to seven. There are a total of fifteen disciplines. For a sport or discipline to be a part of the Winter Olympics, men from at least twenty-five countries from three continents should participate.
The Bobsleigh discipline consists of bobsleigh and skeleton. The skating discipline consists of figure skating, speed skating and short track speed skating. The skiing discipline consists of alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, freestyle skiing and Nordic combined. The other sports are biathlon, curling, ice hockey, and luge.
The demonstration sports, which were never included in the official list of Winter Olympics, are bandy, disabled alpine skiing, disabled cross-country skiing, ice stock sport, military patrol, ski ballet, skijoring, sled-dog racing, speed skiing, and winter pentathlon.
The games which were recognized by the IOC, but weren’t a part of the Olympics are air sports, bandy, billiard sports, boules, bowling, bridge, chess, dance sport, golf, karate, korfball, lifesaving, motorcycle sport, mountain climbing, netball, orienteering, pelote basque, polo, powerboating, racquetball, roller sports, rugby, squash, sumo, surfing, tug of war, underwater sports, water skiing, and wushu.