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Top Attendance Records In Hockey And Number Of Registered Players

Top Attendance Records In Hockey And Number Of Registered Players

Thousands of people attend a single hockey match, but there are two matches in hockey that are the top two for a single game. The first match took place on October 6th 2001 for a game commonly known to fans of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University as ‘The Cold War’. This season opener took place at Michigan State’s outdoor Spartan stadium. The university spent $500,000 on a sheet of ice for the rink and the temperature was 30 degrees, and the game drew in a crowd of 74,554 spectators over the 55,000 spectators at the championship game between Sweden and Russia when the game took place in Moscow, but the date is unknown.

The largest single crowd to view an NHL game was during the November 23rd, 2003 Heritage Classic was when 57,163 spectators attended the match between the Montreal Canadians and Edmonton Oilers at Commonwealth stadium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Montreal defeated Edmonton 4-3. The only thing that makes this match stand out is that it was the only NHL game played outdoors since all NHL matches are played at indoor rinks. The megastars game which is known as the old timer’s match with former players of the Oilers and the only game that Wayne Gretzky has played since his retirement from professional hockey and insists that the game would be his official and last.

Local hockey games usually don’t draw in the number of people that professional hockey teams can draw in during a single game. That’s because more people are apt to want to attend professional events than a minor league or college/university match since there’s more of a bigger interest in professional sports than a local team unless you’re rooting for your hometown, but on the realistic scale most people find the thrill and excitement bigger for those at professional events. The top two countries with registered hockey players are Canada with 543,390 registered players in the country and the United States comes second with 435,737 registered players.

Slovenia comes in last with 980 registered players so that clearly shows the Canada and the United States are the most popular areas to play hockey since they have the most people registered in each country. Hockey is and always will be the most popular sport in Canada and the United States since it draws in the most crowds because of the unique players the get from other countries since not a lot of Americans are playing professional hockey they’re more likely to play baseball, basketball, and football than professional ice hockey

The only reason being is that ice hockey starts in the fall the same time basketball and football begin so there’s some competition for audience participation and television coverage, but hockey gets their share of loyal viewers and audience attendees. The only team so far that’s having a hard time winning a Stanley cup championship is the Chicago Black hawks since they haven’t won a single championship since 1961 over 40 years ago so they could join the ranks of the other local Chicago pro teams that won championships in the last 35 years. Articles past described Chicago has having the worst record in games and attendance until the team was bought and the new owner had made some changes over time that had turned the attendance deal around, but it still doesn’t stop the fact that the Black hawks have not won a championship since 1961 and barely even made it to the playoffs at the end of the season since they were usually out the first round.

A Career in Sports Medicine

A Career in Sports Medicine

Do you want a rewarding career that also lets you work with a lot of people? Do you enjoy sports and physical activity? Do you want to be a doctor? If you answered yes to any of these then you may be interested in a career in sports medicine. A career in sports medicine has many advantages for you. Not only is it an excellent career, but people educated in sports medicine are always needed. You know you will always have a job in the field of sports medicine.
Sports medicine has two fields of expertise. Sports medicine first focuses on injury treatment and injury prevention for athletes. The second focus of sports medicine is to provide an athlete or athletes with performance enhancement. This can be for any type of athlete. In sports medicine you can treat: runners, bicyclists, football players, soccer players, hockey players, baseball players, and many other types of athletes. Sports medicine is open to many fields. The goal of a person who works in sports medicine is to make sure the athletes he or she treats achieve top performance and optimal health at all times.
There are many careers in sports medicine. One is called a sports medicine physician. A sports medicine physician goes through medical school first and then gets educated in sports medicine. This is when they learn to diagnose and treat sport related injuries that athletes have incurred. A second career in sports medicine is called a sports medicine physical therapist. A sports medicine physical therapist works with athletes to rehabilitate them from sports related injuries, muscle problems, joint problems, etc. For A career as a sports medicine physical therapist you will need to get certified as a physical therapist after your initial medical school training.
Many college campuses offer courses in sports medicine. Some even have job placement for people that wish to start a career in the field of sports medicine. One great school to look into is The American College of Sports Medicine. They offer certification in this field and are world renowned. For more information about sports medicine you can check out a book called The American Journal of Sports Medicine. It has details on sports medicine education and articles about sports medicine.
This career is an excellent choice for many of you out there. It’s great to know when you are the one that helps an athlete perform his or her best. If you are really good at it you may even get to treat the athletes that are in the Olympics! Perhaps you will get to treat some of the world famous basketball stars or football players! Then you too can world famous!

No Download Casino Games, Online Casinos, Poker Rooms & Sportsbooks

No Download Casino Games, Online Casinos, Poker Rooms & Sportsbooks

There are 2 variations of internet casinos.

Online casinos that let players download their free software on the computer. The games can be played after installing the casino and signing up as a fun or a real player.

No download casinos that can be played in the browser instantly. The casino games don’t need to be downloaded. After signing up the player can gamble as a fun player for virtual casino cash or as a real player for real money.

Most online casinos do offer their players a free cash bonus to play with. Extra money to play after the signup.

Some internet casinos offer special high roller bonuses and have higher table limits than other online casinos.

There are many no download casino games available like poker, blackjack, slots and even progressive games with jackpots.

This jackpots can reach over one million dollars.

Most no download casinos that are also know as online flash casinos don’t have that many games as the download versions of the online casinos offer but the graphics and the sound have the same great quality.

Poker players can play their favourite games in online poker rooms.

The player need to download the software and install it on the computer.

After signing up the games can begin.

Players from all around the world can play for example the very popular texas hold’em poker an other poker games like omaha.

And the games can be played for real money.

The internet poker rooms even offer tournaments for players to win real cash prizes or to win seats for poker world championships like the Monte Carlo Millions or The WSOP, the world series of poker in Las Vegas.

Internet sportsbooks offer wagering on almost any sport.

Players can bet on football, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennnis, boxing, soccer and other US and european sports.

The players get live betting lines to be informed about the current standings and the live odds.
Online sportsbooks also give away free bonuses after signing up.

Regardless if playing casino games or betting on sports, online gambling is fun and exciting.

Please visit our website to find great online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks.

Sports Memorabilia Collectible Items

Sports Memorabilia Collectible Items

Every day in the life of a sports fan can be filled with special memories, and special mementos that are rich in history. The mementos might be from a sports event that the entire family has season passes to or might go to a game only once a year. Some special times are represented in some of the special pieces that freeze time in the sports history that is represented by some sports memorabilia collectible items.

There may be a special occasion in your life that you want to recognize with some sentimental sports memorabilia collectible items. Perhaps the memorabilia would be to recognize the first baseball game you ever attended with your Dad, and you wanted to try and locate a collectible, autographed baseball that was signed on that particular day.

Perhaps you might want to purchase some sports memorabilia collectible items to give to your first born son to celebrate the day that he came into your life. The item might be a two signed baseball bats that you crafted into an elegant shadow box to decorate his nursery with. The two bats might be dated with the birth date of the child, and the birth date of the parent that bestowed such a marvelous gift on their baby boy.

Some people try to accumulate all of the sports memorabilia collectible items for one particular sport. The range, on which they can base their collection, can be on the games of hockey, baseball, football, basketball, boxing, soccer, tennis, golf, NASCAR sports.

Some collectors might try to amass a collection that represents simply one item in all sports game categories to create a sports wall in their recreation room. The avid sports collector can create an outstanding conversation piece when autographed jerseys are displayed under glass cases across a wall, with the certificate of authenticity mounted directly underneath in a smaller frame.

These sports item collector’s also might want to pick and choose from among the vast number of autographed sports collectibles that are signed by their favorite players on a significant night in their life, that they could use to ornament their table tops and glassed in cabinets with, such as autograph football helmets of their favorite team, that the collector could use to match the team colors that are spread out all over the billiard room in the home.

There are many sports events that can be recognized through the purchases of sports memorabilia collectible items. If the gridiron antics are your passion, you can have your choice of sports memorabilia collectible items that are from the American Football Conference, the National Football Conference or a very special UDA jersey number collection.

For whatever sports memorabilia collectible items you choose to surround yourself with, there are autographed photographs that will compliment them quite well. The significant days and nights of your life can be reflected in sporting events that could reach out as far as the Super Bowl championship game of the year, or in the photo and mint sports memorabilia collectible items that are simply fun to collect.

The Physical Challenge Of Hockey

The Physical Challenge Of Hockey

Hockey is one of the most physically demanding games known to man. This intense sport requires that a skater have as much strategy and skill as football or baseball player in addition to the strength that only a conditioned athlete can bring to the ice, and a kind of ferocity that is a rare quality indeed. Hockey players must tolerate quite a bit of pain and discomfort, and serious players must be able and willing to participate in very heavy training all through the year to remain competitive. Unlike many sports that primarily require endurance, Hockey is all about sudden short bursts of extremely intense activity. This makes hockey a very different kind of physical challenge than a sport like soccer where movement is lower-intensity but continuous.

A hockey player must be able to rev their personal engine from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds. At the pro level, a hockey player rarely spends more than a full minute at a time actively skating on the ice. Between those brief flurries of almost manic activity, a player can recover and catch his or her breath, but must remain alert and in readiness for the next explosion of action on the ice. Suddenly jumping from a fairly passive and relaxed state to the height of speed and power isn’t easy. The discipline and talent a hockey player must posses in order to do this well are often a large part of what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

The need to be able to swiftly transition from a state of rest to one of peak activity requires specific forms of training that focus on shortening response times and achieving graceful and efficient movement without much of a warm up. A hockey skater’s workout regimen contains many predictable activities like lifting weights and jogging, but one place where many players go in order to improve their agility and response time proves to be somewhat surprising to many sports fans.

Although classical music and pink tulle are the last things most people associate with the rough and tumble sport of hockey, many players train at ballet studios. From young boys and girls who are in amateur junior leagues all the way up to Olympic-level hockey players, spending time refining plies at the ballet barre often proves to give skaters a leg up on the ice.

From dance studios to weight rooms to jogging tracks, a hockey player must train his or her body in a variety of ways to prepare for what many consider the most physically demanding of all sports. Between the strenuous flurries of activity, the psychological stress of performance, the lack of warm up time, and the bulky padding of a hockey uniform, a player at the top level of competitive hockey may sweat away up to eight pounds of water weight during the course of a single game. There is no other sport where this kind of drastic weight loss due to exertion happens so quickly. A hockey player’s body must be prepared to safely weather this kind of ordeal on a regular basis, which requires a level of physical fitness that few other sports require.

Sports Betting Basics

Sports Betting Basics

Online sports betting offers fans ease and convenience when it comes to putting a few bucks on a game. Online sportsbooks have given anyone who has access to the Internet the opportunity to place a quick wager any time– day or night.

An array of wagers can be placed on games that are to be played that day. You may put money down using the point spread or the money line, and you can bet on the over/under. These three kinds of popular bets may be placed on baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer contests.

When wagering on baseball or hockey you’ll find that the most popular bet is the money line. Another common wager made by sportsbook enthusiasts combines the point spread and money line. In baseball this type of bet is called the run line, and in hockey it is known as the puck line.

You may put money down on a team using one or more of these types of wagers. An additional popular wrinkle on these bets is the parlay, which allows you to substantially increase your profit margin and your risk of losing.


With the point spread, the team that’s favored has points taken away, or another way to look at it is that the weaker club is given some points. Point spreads are common when wagering on football and basketball. Let’s say you’re putting money on the Patriots- Dolphins contest and the point spread is 3 ½ with the Pats at – 3 ½ . You put a sawbuck on Miami and they lose 21- 20.

They may have lost, but you won some money. Why? In terms of the point spread the handicappers have spotted the team from Miami 3 ½ points. For you to lose, New England would have had to win by at least 4 points. According to the point spread, the bookmaker’s score was Patriots 17 ½ (21 – 3 ½ = 17 ½ ) and Miami 20. You win.

The half-points that odds makers put in point spreads are meant to guard against a “push.” As an example: the Utah Jazz play the Timberwolves in Minnesota and the home team is -1. If the game ends with Minnesota winning by one-point, 86-85 and you had put your money on the Jazz – do you win or lose? Neither – it’s a “push,” which means via the point spread the teams ended the game tied and you simply get back the money you wagered. You don’t win, and you don’t lose.


When betting the money line in either baseball or hockey, you’re putting dough on a team to win regardless of the point spread. A money line in hockey would look like this: Columbus Blue Jackets +280, Detroit Red Wings -360.

In the Blue Jacket – Red Wings contest, if you put $360 down on Detroit, you can win $100. However, if you put $100 on Columbus and they win, you get your $100 plus $280. Remember, there is no point spread involved in this type of bet.

Why is the money line set up this way? When playing the money line, the team that is the underdog pays more for less of a wager. While it costs a lot more money to bet on the favored team, if they win you take in very little money. Also, if they lose, you’re out a greater amount of cash than if you’d bet on the team that was not favored.

This type of bet is based on the fact that more people will place their money on the club that is expected to lose because it’s cheaper and the payoff is much higher. Less money will be put on the better team but more will be risked per bet and the payoff will be substantially less. Either way, the bookmakers are covered. If the favorite loses, the sports books make their commission; if the favorite wins, the book makers break even.

Chances are the Jackets will lose, and the casino will keep that money and pay out a small amount to those who took the favored team. If the underdog wins, although the payout is high, the casino has taken in a substantial amount of money on the favorite and they actually make money.


Most online betting services offer hockey and baseball as a point spread in conjunction with a money line. Thus, you have to play the money line but you get the benefit of a basic point spread. This combination of money line and point spread is called the puck line for hockey and the run line for baseball. Typically the point spread for baseball is set at 1 ½ runs and for hockey it’s 1 ½ goals.


When you place an over/under bet, you’re wagering on the total number of points that will be scored. When putting money on soccer, you may find that the over/under on the contest between Manchester United and Arsenal is 2.5. If you choose the under and 2 goals are scored, you win. However, if three or more goals are scored, you’d lose that wager. Typical over/unders in hockey range from 5 to 7, while a typical over/under for baseball is from 4 to 14 runs. The NBA basketball range varies quite a bit, from 175-225 points.

The total number of points for the over/under is based on an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s defense and offense, point trends, and match-ups. This bet really demands a solid understanding of each team’s potential on a given night.


There are many other types of bets in which you can engage, but one that allows you to expand your winnings quickly is the parlay. A parlay bet is simply a wager that combines two or more bets. When you place a parlay, you must win every one of the bets to receive any payoff. Using this method of combining wagers gives you a much higher payoff on the same investment that you can make on one wager. Of course, there is a greater risk of losing.

If you parlay a bet on the Red Sox- Yankees run line, on the Angels- Mariners over/under, a third pick on the Angels- Mariners run line and a final pick on the Cubs- Cards run line, you could get odds of 12 to 1. Placing an $11 single bet on each of these wagers would mean you would put $44 down and get a payoff of $10 per wager. If you won all 4 bets, you’d make about $40. However, in playing a 4-bet parlay, one $11 bet could result in a $110 profit.

There are many other types of bets in which you can engage and online betting sites are constantly coming up with new twists. When wagering, take some time to do your homework on the sport, the teams, and the players. Wager wisely. Most gambling experts will tell you that a professional who knows what they’re doing will win about 60% of the time. Most professional wagering is not an attempt to win a lot at once; rather it’s a steady process where, with careful wagering, people turn a profit.

Bookie Buster Review – Good Or Bad?

Bookie Buster Review – Good Or Bad?

After having a chance to look into the system on my own, I decided to write this Bookie Buster review detailing my experiences. Can you really consistently beat the bookies when betting? Is it truly possible to quit your day job and still manage to pay all of your bills with ease, off of gambling winnings alone? In this brief review I will answer these questions, as well as others. It is my objective to give you a better understanding of what you can realistically expect to get from Bookie Buster, and help you to decide whether or not the system is one that you should use.

I used to love to gamble to supplement my day job earnings. Eventually, however, I found that my hobby was costing me way more than it was making. Literally, I’d spent hundreds on systems that were “proven” to increase my winnings and make every bet a successful one. None of them worked. This is why, when I heard about Bookie Buster, I was skeptical.

Upon looking into the betting system, however, I learned that Bookie Buster was different than the rest. Unlike other programs that work with one sport, Bookie Buster can make you money betting on soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, NCAA games and more. The system is easy to follow, and in no time you can regularly be making $1,500 or more each month. The creator, Frank Belanger, makes more than $10,000 a month, and many others have been able to quit their day jobs and use the system as their only source of household income.

I really can’t stress enough how easy the e-book is to read and follow. There are tons of tips and tricks divulged in the e-book that sportsbook owners don’t want you to know. I highly recommend Bookie Buster to betters of all skill levels, trust me when I tell you if it can work for me, it can work for anyone.

Media Musings

Media Musings

I was watching television the other night and was jolted from the commentary, which incidentally was on the World Athletics Championships in Paris, by a series of rather ill-timed commercial interruptions. It was really amazing how one minute I’d be totally engrossed by the one hundred metres and all the nonsense of the false start rulings and such and then, just as I was getting quite into the whole thing, bang! On comes some totally incongruous advert about goodness knows what, cutting right across the commentator in mid-sentence. Real class and so respectful of the athletes’ years of dedication! And, as this was repeated throughout the night, I came to realize that “it’s not about the sport, stupid” it’s about the money and the television revenues. The sport is just something that goes in between the ads.
Anyway that’s what started me off thinking over the whole question of how certain sports become absolutely essential, and the staple diet for whole countries. For example, you could be showing the Stanley Cup in Brazil and I doubt they’d raise their eyes from their game of chequers, but if that were soccer, they’d be glued to the set. Now, why is that? Is it because all the folks down there are born with a predestined disposition in favour of soccer, or is it that the media have created a national fervour for that particular sport? Or is it that a certain familiarity with a particular sport is like a safe sanctuary for certain reporters? They sort-of know the jargon for hockey or football and so, from then on, it gets shoved up front in any piece they do regardless of what sport we’re talking about.
I mean it seems that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Brian Williams just can’t get through a broadcast without relating some of the action to hockey (or football): he’ll jump in with the most banal comparisons, trying to suggest that there are parallels to be drawn between the pole vault in athletics and the quarterback’s long bomb downfield for touchdown in football.
Brian, what are you talking about!?!
Anyway this whole train of thought brought me to the coverage of the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, and how that didn’t manage to rank better than an 11:30 pm slot on the goggle box. Shoved in after the news, when everyone was basically on their way to bed, and really a token presentation of the day’s events for the die-hard amateur sports fan. Bingo, there is the operative and all important word “Amateur”, no limo to and from the venue, no fat endorsement cheques coming through the mail and, let’s be honest here, what does Wayne Gretzky and his dad care about a sale of Ford cars!? C’mon if you are paid in the millions to stuff wads of chewing tobacco into your mouth and scratch occasionally, then you’re hot, but if you have to go it alone with subsistence funding and take on the world competition without a whole team behind you, then probably you are an amateur athlete, and boy you better watch out that you don’t let the country down at the Olympics or they’ll want that money back!

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

How Playing Football Develops Useful Skills

Football is the most popular sport in the world with its grand stage, the World Cup every four years. Many of the world’s players can become huge celebrities if they perform well during the World Cup. Fans will travel across the globe just to make sure that they see their favorite team play. This type of excitement can not be duplicated by any other sport anywhere in the world. Football does a wonderful job building many different skills in young children. These skills can help them progress in football, other sports, and in life in general.

Some of the physical skills that football will help children develop are speed, quickness, balance, endurance, and strength. Football players must have these skills to be able to play the game even at a young age. Players that develop these useful skills when they are young, have a great chance to blossom into a star later in life. Also many of these children will take these skills and use them in other sports as well. The skills learned in football can translate well into almost any sport. American football players, basketball players, baseball players, and even hockey players can benefit from playing football at an early age. One of my favorite basketball players of all time, Hakeem Olajuwon, grew up playing football in Africa. He attributed his great balance and coordination to the many years playing football. I believe that every child should grow up playing football, because I think that it can help them later on in life.

Football can also teach children many life lessons that they can look back on as they grow older. Children learn how to work well with others, because they have to communicate with their teammates if they want to have a chance of winning. Football also teaches children how to be humble winners and gracious losers, because they have to work through all of the emotions that come along with playing sports. It also teaches children the value of determination and hard work, because only the most determined and hard working teams will succeed. All of these skills that children learn at a young age will help to mold them into the leaders of the future.

Sports Equipment Bags for Convenient Team Travel

Sports Equipment Bags for Convenient Team Travel

Sports teams usually travel frequently for competitions and games, and each team member must carry certain belongings and equipment for the trips. Sports equipment bags provide an easy way to carry these belongings while also building team morale. Team logo bags are duffle bags or other similar bags with a printed team logo. Sometimes even the players’ names and numbers are printed on the bags.

When traveling overnight or on a day trip, many sports equipment bags have plenty of room for a uniform, personal hygiene items, shoes, and even protective gear. Team bags come in your team’s colors and have the logo custom printed professionally to give a uniform look. Team bags are often made of very durable materials to prevent wear and tear for the active lifestyle.

Who Uses Team Player Bags?

Any sports team or scholastic team can benefit by using team player bags. Team bags are designed to fit any need. Those involved in active sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and football can use sports equipment bags for local games or games that are played in other towns. Either way, the duffle bags are convenient for keeping all their necessary items for the game.

Swim teams can use team logo bags for their swimsuit and gear. Some swimming team bags are designed to be water-resistant and include a wet pocket. Those who take gymnastics classes can use team bags to keep all their gymnastics gear. For lacrosse teams, there are special team bags made with a Velcro section to carry a Crosse. There are also special “Crosse” logo bags made to accommodate two Crosses. For cheerleaders, team bags are designed for various levels of competition. Hockey players can benefit from specialized hockey stick bags or hockey garment bags.

Team bags are also convenient for non-sports teams or clubs such as chess clubs, honor clubs, beta clubs, science teams, and college fraternities.

Finding the Right Sports Equipment Bags for Your Team

Before buying sports equipment bags, consider the quality of the bags first and foremost. Bags for sports teams should be made to withstand frequent carrying and use. They should have reinforced stitching and be made of thick, durable material. Buy team logo bags that are appropriate for your team’s sport. The bags should be large enough to accommodate your team’s usual gear and a few personal items. Look for your school or team colors, and be sure to provide a clear copy of your team’s logo for quality screen-printing. If ordering online, consider the screen-printing set-up charges as well as shipping. These can greatly affect your final cost when ordering, but you can find good deals and even save money with some Internet companies. Many sports bag printing companies offer a quantity discount, so be sure to check out the specials before choosing your bags.

When traveling, team logo bags can help all your team members feel a sense of belonging and help boost morale before each game or competition. You can order the logo bags online with just a few easy steps. Check out the types of team bags available for your particular sport so you can start boosting team spirit today!