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The Magic In Numbers: Lotto Magic That Is!

The Magic In Numbers: Lotto Magic That Is!

Voila! So, one can make money playing the Florida Lottery from anywhere in the world! At least that’s what I’ve been told. What an ingenious idea. Well, what if your own personal numbers never come in to make you a winner? So what, there are generally seven (7) other players assigned to your team as soon as you sign up, and you will automatically get 10% of each person’s winnings. What if your numbers never made it but one person on your team won –let’s say, $5,000? That means you will automatically get 10% of $5,000. (Looks like $500.00 to me—is that right—I am so bad with figures…)

I read on and came across the statement, This One Works! I pursued this matter further, being that I am very detailed oriented and prefer to heavily research just about anything that interest me. Then I read a couple of the Testimonials:

“For the eight months May thru December 2004, LOTTO MAGIC paid me $7,150.02. For the months of January thru July 2005, LOTTO MAGIC paid me $14,075.02! That is an average of over $2,000.00 per month for this year. That is net after they withhold $50.00 per month for the next month’s play.” G.D. Stephens, Durham, NC.

“We joined LOTTO MAGIC in November 2001. By August 2002, our monthly check was more than our combined Social Security retirement checks! The folks at LOTTO MAGIC can be depended upon to get your commission checks out on time — and that’s important to someone who is retired. We love LOTTO MAGIC!” Gene and Elaine C., Raytown, MO.

With further research, I came across the following:


Note the following from this Venture:

• If you can mail their attractive postcards and flyers, you will succeed!

• This program makes up for all of those bad choices made in the past.

• There are people who have taken advantage of this offer and now make more money than they make on their regular jobs.

• Whether you want to make a few hundred bucks or a few thousand dollars every month, Lotto Magic will show you how!

• This program is not a scam, it is not some kind of rip-off, it is not some pyramid scheme, and it is not illegal!

• Lotto Magic is a real business that has been in business since 1996.

• Imagine being able to play the lottery for free and get a check every month whether you win or not.

• Lotto Magic is a real winner and it could give you the financial freedom that you have been looking for.

Why would anyone want to join a lottery club?

1. You live in a state that does not have a lottery.
2. You would like to play the Florida lottery.
3. You want to improve your odds of winning.
4. You want to make extra money in addition to lottery winnings!

Then why would anyone want to join this lottery club? Again, neatly written were the words, “This One Works!” Okay, so I was sold. I kept reminding myself that I couldn’t win if I didn’t play! I even requested a FREE club membership booklet.

To get your FREE club membership booklet, call LOTTO MAGIC toll free anytime: 877-526-6957. Give your name, address, and the ID# J6660.

Winning Lottery Systems

Winning Lottery Systems

Now doesn’t everyone want to win the lottery? Last year we had so many requests for this one, that we were forced to do it this year. We had to comb through hundreds of scams and BS products to uncover a few lottery systems that seemed plausable and had some validity to them. After tons of research and talking to many publishers, we found 3 out of literally hundreds of lotto systems that actually seemed bonafied, plausable, and somewhat guaranteed?

Now we all want to win the big one but sometimes its easier to win the smaller prizes and lesser played games. By playing these its possible to win over time and actually exceed the one time grand prizes. There are many strategies and methods and we found the ones who are successful are using at least one and in most cases, two or more lottery systems.

Real lottery systems can help you move the odds in your favor and by playing over time with the right games and knowing the required strategies to use, you will win more often and also better your odds for winning the big one as well.

We reviewed each one and the following is what we found:

Product 1- Winning The Lottery

This lotto system is unique in the fact that this guy has actually won the big money and lots of smaller lottery games. We tried this one for about a month and found that it consistantly won our test subject more money than the others. The drawback on this was that we had to play a lot more. By following this lottery system, we did increase our odds and won more often.

This one may very well help you win the big one. Out of all the systems, methods and plans to winning more at the lottery we have seen, this one may have the best chance of getting the payday of a life time. This is the one we will continue to play into the future after the review is done.

We really liked this one the best and gave this system a 9 out of 10 score for their product. If you would like to sign up and take advantage of the lifetime membership, please visit our website by clicking one of our links in the author or resource box with this article.

Product 2 -Silver Lotto System

Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System really should be a tie for first place because this guy is great. He not only has a winning lottery system but, he backs up the whole thing with a money-back guarantee! That alone should make him a leader in this pack. We played the lotto system according to Ken’s system and we actually did quite good.
If you have good discipline and can follow diections and want to win consistently, this is your system. They each seemed to have their own benefits and drawbacks and you need to try to fit the system to your own personality and spending habits. We will keep using this lottery system well into the future.

We thought Ken was great and his system is a winner, we gave Silver Lotto System a 8 out of 10 score for their product. If you would like to sign up and take advantage of the lifetime membership, please click one of our links with this article.

Product 3 – Beat The Lotto

This system is pretty interesting and has some strategies that are different from the others we have mentioned. This lottery system has a bit longer cycle but, has higher payouts though. We found it to have a good angle that we had not yet seen yet. We examined the logic and the odds and we liked this one enough to include it in the three lotto systems mentioned here.

Beat The Lotto got a 7 out of 10 score for their product. If you would like to sign up and take advantage of the lifetime membership, please visit our site by clicking our links with this article or visit skeptic-reviews dot com.

How To Play The Lottery For Free

How To Play The Lottery For Free

You’ve probably played countless lottery games and spent a small fortune in the process with little or no success. Well now you could radically improve your chances of success in an e-Lottery syndicate.

Wherever you are in the world you can play e-Lottery – a proven winner that massively increases your chances of winning two of the richest, lump sum, tax-free lotteries in the world; The UK National Lotto and the European lottery Euro Millions.

Since our launch in April 2002 we’ve paid out millions in cash, to thousands of e-Lottery syndicate members in 133 countries around the world.

Play the lottery on your own and you only have one chance to win, but as an e-Lottery syndicate member, you’re one of a 49 strong team, increasing your chance to win the multimillion pound UK national Lotto jackpot by a remarkable 702%.

What’s more, you have a 1 in 13 chance of winning any cash prize. The e-Lottery syndicate increases your chances of winning the huge Euro Millions jackpot by an even more remarkable 3,600%. You also have a 1 in 4 chance of winning any one of the many cash prizes.

So how does e-Lottery work? Well as part of a 49 strong e-Lottery syndicate, you play with only 5 main numbers, because the syndicate is guaranteed to match the 6th number in every UK Lotto draw. And even better, your syndicate is guaranteed to match both Lucky Star numbers in every Euro Millions draw.

Exclusively to e-Lottery syndicates, you’re guaranteed to win a prize for matching only two UK Lotto main numbers and for matching only one Euro Millions number. But that’s not all. Incredibly, when you win, you win not just one prize but multiple cash prizes – up to 44 in a UK National Lotto syndicate and up to 36 in a Euro Millions syndicate.

Ultimately even after the cash has been shares out between 49 of you in a UK Lotto syndicate or between 39 of you in a Euro Millions syndicate, you actually win more money than you would playing by yourself in the same games and matching the same numbers.

So as you can see, e-Lottery is the smarter way to play. Not only do you benefit from massively improved chances of winning. e-Lottery takes all the hassle of buying lottery tickets week in week out. All the latest lottery results are emailed to you and the syndicate database automatically checks your numbers.

You are then notified of your winnings, which are sent directly to you. It’s much easier than running down to the local lottery retailer – it’s all done for you. Plus, you can play from anywhere in the world.

Playing in a UK Lotto or a Euro Millions syndicate, you receive 36 syndicate entries in Euro Millions for just £5 a week. Or 88 syndicate entries playing the UK National Lotto on Saturday and Wednesday – for only £5 a week. That’s equivalent to only £2.50 per draw.

To maximise your chances of winning, you can play in both syndicates and get 124 chances of winning for just £10 week. There are no hidden costs – you keep 100% of your winnings and you can stay and play for as little or as long as you like. It’s up to you.

If you’d like further information on how we can guarantee to match winning numbers, visit the Advantage section on our website and see the mathematical evidence for yourself.

But the benefits of playing in an e-Lottery syndicate don’t stop here. E-Lottery targets a multi-billion global market place experiencing huge growth and allows its players the option of owning their own state-of-the-art e-Lottery website with which to tap in to this massive market and generate an ongoing residual income for themselves as well as playing the lottery effectively for free.

For more information on how you too can make money from the lottery, visit the business opportunity section on our website.

e-Lottery is changing peoples lives. It’s certainly changed mine and I can only see it getting better as I help more people to set up their own home based business – anywhere in the world.

Win That Lotto Review – Good Or Bad?

Win That Lotto Review – Good Or Bad?

I decided to write this Win That Lotto review after having a chance to look into the program myself. Is there really a strategy that will help you win the lottery? Is there a system that works better than picking random numbers based on your husband’s birthday? I sought to answer these questions and more as I looked at the program, with the hopes that this review will help you decide if it’s something worth looking into on your own.

I have to admit, every time I read the headlines about random people who won huge lottery jackpots I get jealous. I play every week, but have never won more than $100. If only there was a system to win, other than letting the machine choose random numbers for you. Apparently, there is such a program: Win That Lotto.

Win That Lotto is a strategy in the form of software and an e-book that teaches you ways of dramatically increasing your odds of winning. Underground lottery pros have been using the system for years, and now you can as well.

With Win That Lotto, you will learn top lottery systems that put the odds in your favor. The software also teaches you how to come up with the best number combinations, which number combinations never to play, the do’s and don’ts of playing the lotto and how lottery professionals have been making a killing working certain systems.

Win That Lotto is an excellent resource to use if you’re tired of not winning the lottery. When you order the program, you have nothing to lose. The system comes with an iron clad guarantee that promises 100 percent satisfaction. If for any reason you aren’t happy, keep the knowledge you’ve obtained and get your money back. With a promise like that, how can I not tell everyone I know about it? I enthusiastically recommend Win That Lotto to anyone who is tired of being poor. It’s a great system, and can work for you!