365kub Review

365kub is a free app that allows users to stay in touch with their friends and family across the globe. It also lets them set their goals and stay organized throughout the year. It can be used on a variety of mobile devices, including Android and iOS. 365kub offers a variety of features, including live chat and photo and video sharing.

Online Gambling Sites
Using the internet to gamble has become a popular way to play games without having to travel to a physical casino. However, online gambling laws vary from state to state. In the United States, some states ban gambling while others allow it. 365KUB is currently working to legalize online gambling, and Pennsylvania has started offering online casinos.

Online Slots
Choosing a reliable online slots site is important for players looking to win big money. reputable sites use random number generators to ensure fairness. They also have a reputation for providing quality customer service. This can be verified by checking user reviews and feedback.

State-Licensed Casinos
Licensed casino sites are regulated by their state governments, and they implement security protocols and testing to ensure that their games are safe. They also offer a variety of banking options, such as credit and debit cards. Some sites also accept eWallets such as PayPal and Skrill.

Sign Up Bonuses and Promotions
Most online gambling sites offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to attract new players. These can include a sign up bonus, gift certificates, and free spins. These rewards are designed to increase player loyalty and encourage players to deposit more funds.

These bonuses are usually offered in conjunction with the site’s main promotions. Some casinos even offer a special promotion for first-time depositors.

The best casinos have a wide selection of games, and they feature the latest games from top developers. This provides players with a smooth and enjoyable experience. They also have a dedicated customer support team to help players with any issues.

Deposits and Withdrawals
The deposit and withdrawal methods at online casinos are easy to use and fast. Most casinos accept credit and debit cards, as well as eWallets. Some also accept cash deposits at retail locations or land-based casinos.

Game Selection
The online gambling market is constantly growing, and there are a wide range of games to choose from. Some of the most popular games are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and video poker. In addition to these classic games, many online casinos also have progressive jackpots that grow until someone wins them.

Licensed and Registered Websites
Licensed and registered websites are important because they are regulated by the authorities in their country. They also have a good reputation for security and legitimacy. Licensed sites also have user reviews and feedback from previous customers. It’s also important to select a site that uses SSL certificates, which secure transactions and prevent unauthorized access.

Huge Benefits of Business To Business Marketing

Huge Benefits of Business To Business Marketing

Business to business marketing has advantages over marketing to consumers that make marketing even easier. Business to business companies market their products and services to businesses rather than consumers in general. Some of the most successful businesses exclusively supply to other businesses. This is one of the most lucrative business models possible today, and it has proven to be especially profitable when the business is conducted online. If you’re considering going into business providing products or services, then you’ll want to look into operating a business to business company.

With online business to business operation and marketing, many of the expenses of running a traditional business are gone or greatly reduced. This positively affects all the other aspects of running the company. Less expense means less time spent managing the money going out, and more money for important things like business to business marketing and promotion. No company will succeed without an advertising and promotion budget. And as many large, worldwide corporations have shown, the more money spent advertising, the more people become familiar with the brand. That breaks down into more customers and more profit.

A company that does its business chiefly online won’t need the storefront that a traditional business does. And company that relies on business to business marketing wouldn’t benefit from a traditional storefront anyway. Since traditional customers won’t be coming in and out browsing goods or asking about services, the need for a traditional shop area is eliminated. This drops overhead costs dramatically. There’s no huge warehouse or building to pay heating, cooling and lighting bills on, and no need for insurance to protect customers.

There’s also no need to pay a staff to man such a store, which eliminates many of the expenses associated with being an employer. An online company that chiefly exists through business to business marketing may still have employees and some expense, but the lack of a storefront will greatly reduce the costs associated with managing employees.

Now, money that would have been spent on necessities like payroll and utilities can be better spent business to business marketing and increasing the customer base. The expense of promotion is also lessened with this business model because it’s so much easier to identify a target market. There’s not as much need to figure out exactly which consumer to market to as there would be with most consumer products.

With business to business marketing, what it is that you’re offering to business automatically identifies your target markets for you. If you’re selling general business products like paper or office supplies, then your market is large and wide open, and you’d do best finding a particular angle to market your products to each specific industry. But if you choose a product or service that’s very specialized, your marketing research is simplified a great deal.

The internet is great for b2b marketing because of its word-of-mouth properties. While many of your customers will find you thanks to your business to business marketing and promotion, many more will because of social networking.

The Life of an Olympic Athlete

The Life of an Olympic Athlete

As we get closer and closer to the newest exciting installment of the Olympic Games, the athletes themselves are also preparing for the biggest event of their lives. While cities, fans, and organizers are preparing to host, attend, or enjoy the Olympic Games, the athletes are doing preparation of their own to attempt to be recognized as among the world’s best athletes. Before we watch the athletes take center stage in the Beijing Olympics, let’s take a look at what Olympic athletes go through to get themselves in position to be the best in the world.

Olympic athletes have different lives depending on what kind of sport they participate in. Gymnasts, for example, begin their training at a very young age, many times as toddlers. After they show the aptitude and interest in gymnastics, their training is more and more serious as they spend much of their time perfecting their techniques and getting ready for competitions. Gymnasts must be very hard-working and dedicated, as they train full-time while attending classes or working with tutors to acquire their education.

For an Olympic gymnast, the Olympic Games are the summit of a lifetime of training and competition. Most gymnasts reach the prime of their careers in their teens, so it is especially important for them to capitalize on their limited chances to succeed on the Olympic stage. Keep that in mind as you watch gymnasts compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics- they are under a lot of pressure! Gymnasts, like many Olympic athletes, are particularly impressive because their sport requires so much mental toughness and maturity, along with athletic talent.

Some Olympic athletes, such as basketball players, are already professional athletes as well. This doesn’t necessarily make life easier for them, however. Professional basketball players must participate in the Olympics after already competing in a grueling season for their professional teams. This shows the dedication of basketball players who choose to represent their respective countries. After all, they have already succeeded at a high level, so other than representing their country in international competition, they have no reason to give up their off-season to compete in the Olympic Games.

Athletes that are a part of team sports, such as football (or “soccer” if you’re from the United States) have a slightly different regimen than athletes in individual sports, such as wrestling. In an individual sport, you train with others, hoping to hone your skills to the point that you can qualify to participate in the Olympic Games. In a team sport, you are generally selected to participate on the team far in advance of the Olympic Games. From then on, your time is spent practicing with the team (in addition to working with any other team that you may already play for) so that your team will have the best possible chance to succeed in the Olympic Games. At the Beijing Olympics, you are likely to see many polished teams who play well together as a unit, and the practice and hard work that has been put in is the main reason.

Amateur athletes have a very special lifestyle that can be very difficult. If athletes don’t have sponsors or other financial assistance to help with training, they must go to school or work just like the rest of us, while trying to train at a world class level at the same time. Training is expensive, as coaches need to be paid, trainers must be compensated, and equipment or facility fees also have to be taken care of. Sometimes, the stress of the lifestyle that Olympic athletes must live is greater than the stress involved in training itself!

Although Olympic athletes live much different lives than us, it’s important to remember they are also people, just like the rest of us. They are only able to reach the level they compete at because of dedication and hard work. Keep that in mind when you’re cheering on your favorite athletes this summer at the Beijing Olympics!

Different Gambling Arenas For People At Different Income Levels

Different Gambling Arenas For People At Different Income Levels

Everybody is trying to get more money, keep more of the money they have, and, at the very least, pile a little up for retirement. But lower income, middle income, and upper income groups have a different approach to multiply their money. Casino patrons visit in order to quickly turn a tiny amount of money into a large amount of money. People from every economic level visit casinos, for most people it is short-lived entertainment. When it comes to getting more serious about an ongoing way to make a little money into a lot of money, most people do their gambling in three other arenas.

You want the big money right now, so why wait? Buy a lottery ticket today and find out the result tonight. This is the first gambling arena that people frequent to try to end their money troubles. People earning under $100,000 are 2.5 times more likely to frequently buy lottery tickets as people that earn more than $100,000. No big surprise here, middle to low income earners find lottery tickets a cheap and easy way to hit big money on the way home from work. This is not a form of gambling that I would recommend as your chances of winning have been equated to being struck by lightning 25 times.

Only half of the American population has ever tried their hand at the next gambling arena: the stock market or mutual funds. You might have a retirement account with a couple mutual funds, or you could be trading in and out of stocks every few days. But this is where middle income earners go to gamble and try to get rich. The average stock portfolio is a whopping $34,300. Any stockbroker will tell you that if you are lucky and have 50 years, you may be able to own a portfolio worth a million dollars. When there is a sharp increase in the stock market, the amateurs rush in and try to make it a profession; but get financially hurt in the end. In the late 1990’s it was day-trading. I personally know successful short-term traders, but 97% of them quit after losing most/all of their trading account in a short amount of time. This is not a gambling arena that I’d recommend to build your wealth: whether short-term or long-term stock investing. (The high income earners have an extra flavor of this type of investment called a hedge fund, but these funds offer a few spectacular gains but more frequent financial implosions.)

People in the high income bracket have two gambling arenas that they employ to get richer: real estate and private placement memorandums. The beauty of investment real estate is that it can lower your taxes by taking a deduction for depreciation. This feature is not available to lottery tickets, slot machines, or mutual funds. In this gambling arena, there is land development, residential rentals, apartments, and commercial property of various types. The high income earners buy properties with a high monthly income, reduce their taxes with its depreciation, and hope for a large rise in the property value over time. But as I said before, when there is a price run-up, the amateurs rush in and ultimately get financially hurt. In 2002-2005, the rage caught on in preconstruction condominiums (the cheapest way to get into real estate). The term “flipping condos” became prevalent and masses of beginning investors have lost a lot of money because they weren’t educated about real estate investing. But professionals in the industry continue to earn money because they buy based upon monthly income, and speculative gains are just the extra icing for the investment. The second casino that high income earners use is PPM’s (private placement memorandums). These are investments that are illegal for people earning under $200,000, or have a net worth under $1 million. (The government only wants sophisticated investors who can afford to lose their money entering these unregulated investments.) These investments are normally created by small business owners that need more money to expand, so they are offering part of the ownership of their company with a higher than average rate of return. Conservative real estate offer the best odds of success for any of the gambling arenas; and then when you have built up enough money, you can begin with some conservative PPM’s.

Where do you want to focus your ‘getting richer’ effort? There is no risk free path to follow, but maybe this will help you decide: What is the probability that you will successfully pick the winning lottery numbers today? The joke you’ll hear is that “losing money on lottery tickets is a tax on the mathematically challenged.” What is the probability that you’ll buy the stock of a runaway company before the professionals run the price up? What is the probability that you can find a valuable real estate transaction? It is my opinion that educating yourself about real estate offers the best chance for sharply increasing your financial fortune.

[There is one more popular gambling arena available to people with internet/computer/technical skills, and that is joining a start-up company that is eventually taken public. The odds of success are only 7 times better than the lottery, about 1 in 6 million.]

Visionary Landscapes book review featuring the art of Justin Michael Jenkins

Visionary Landscapes book review featuring the art of Justin Michael Jenkins

Visionary Landscapes, the long awaited coffee table style book featuring thirty-one hand selected master drawings by the artist Justin Michael Jenkins, has been in the works for quite sometime. We are now proud to offer the world this 160 page full color published book through the independent publishing source, Lulu. Our vision for this exclusive volume edition was to have a high end collector style book that features many drawings from the chess, anatomy, mind, spiritual, and abstract collections. We decided on a 7.5″X7.5″ format that is suitable for many table styles including most coffee table settings. We have published this through our publishing division at Imaginative Pencil called Imaginative Pencil Publishing.

Visionary Landscapes fuses the insights, critiques, and reviews from various artists, critics, and scholars from all over the world with the intimate perspectives of each work by the artist himself. We collected numerous sources from around the world with regard to the style and approach of Justin and organized the book in such a way as to portray each drawing from various perspectives and also do a complete analytical reviews of the entire range of thought behind all the works. The goal of this exclusive edition is to give hidden insights that would otherwise go unnoticed by many viewers and create a collection of reviews and critiques by selected artists and scholars with a large portion of the deeper understanding coming from the artist himself. We want each reader to explore this large selection of drawings that span many collections and ranges and to become more aware of what the artist is trying to achieve both in meaning and message. Our hope is that readers will be rewarded with not only the secrets of how the artist came to certain conclusions and how he acheived them and why, but essentially the core meaning of each work will be revealed in the simplest terms by showing each drawing as a seperate analysis within the overall meaning of the book. The intimacy of the book centers on the artists deep ciritques and view points of each drawing featured which gives the reader access to the artist on a more personal level like hes in front of them explaining each work.

Book Preface

This first volume will approach the latest drawings from the studio of award-winning artist Justin Michael Jenkins with an analytical, fresh, and insightful point of view. With the help of the artist, we have compiled a small volume that will contain thirty of his most recent drawings taken from five unique collections. The artist will give us his insight into each work of art and the hidden meanings behind the symbolisms and objectivity that lie beneath the color and forms.
This book attempts to give viewers, collectors, scholars, and historians an ambitious and fresh examination into the mind, soul, and overall vision of the artist. We have collected various critics, essays, and feedback from numerous people about the approach and style of artist Justin Michael Jenkins and organized it in the pages ahead along with a gallery of works. We hope this book will give each reader a broader understanding of what the artist is trying to accomplish within the bold shapes, twisting forms, and surreal settings. We also want to shed light on the message his work tries to convey to the world.
Now that you have a basic understanding of what this book will attempt to accomplish, let’s begin our journey and exploration into the surreal, visionary, and inventive world that lies deep in the corridors of the artist’s mind with the hope of finding the truth and inspiration behind his style.

Imaginative Pencil Publishing came to Lulu because the company wanted to be in control of the publishing process and found Lulu’s print-on-demand tools to be fast, easy and, most importantly, free. Visonary Landscapes is available for purchase at www.lulu.com, in a marketplace filled with other unique and wonderful surprises. “Independent publishing and print-on-demand is the wave of the future, and the future is now,” said Michael from Imaginatvie Pencil Publishing. “The Lulu process allows me to cut out the middle man (i.e. a separate publisher) and get my work out there the way I want it. Our book, Visionary Landscapes, is much like Lulu itself—it puts control of your destiny in your own hands.”


Imaginative Pencil is a company founded in 2004 that specializes in the sale, distribution, and exhibition of the visionary and surreal pencil art of Justin Michael Jenkins.

Justin Michael Jenkins was born in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. to George and Carole Jenkins. Besides his professional status as a full time artist, he is also a writer, designer, and webmaster. His hobbies include studying the game of chess and collecting Civil War memorabilia.


Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Please see www.lulu.com for more information.

For more information about selling this book in stores or to order a copy for yourself, please visit our book website at Lulu or contact Michael Retla at publishing @imaginativepencil.com or call 1-304-376-0762.

How To Play Lotto In Japan

Lotto in Japan dates back to the 15th century and was originally used as a way to raise money for temples and shrines. It was made illegal during the 1840s and brought back in 1937, when the country needed to fund war.

Currently, all lotteries in Japan are legal and regulated by the government. However, the laws are complex and punters should be aware of their rights to play. They must be resident or citizen of Japan, and the lottery providers must be registered with local municipal bodies.

There are many online lottery sites in Japan and players can choose from a range of games to suit their needs. They can also make use of payment methods such as bank transfers or mobile payments to purchase tickets.

One of the most popular online Japanese lotteries is Japan Loto 7, which has a huge jackpot prize and a low winning odds of 1 in 10,295,472. The game is played by choosing seven numbers from a range of 1-37, with the main jackpot amount awarded to the first player who matches all seven numbers. The game also features five secondary prize tiers, with two bonus balls drawn to determine the second and sixth tier winners.

สูตรหวยญี่ปุ่น has a starting jackpot of 600 million yen, which can roll over to a maximum of 1.2 billion yen. There are seven prize tiers, and the jackpot amount can be won by players from around the world tax-free.

Another popular lottery in Japan is the Loto 6 (also known as Lotto 6/43). This game was started in 2000 and has twice-weekly draws on Mondays and Thursdays. It costs 200 yen and requires the player to match six numbers from a pool of 43, and a bonus number.

When selecting your lottery numbers, it is important to remember that all odd and even numbers are rarely drawn. A mix of two odd and four even, or four odd and two even, is the best option, as these numbers are drawn in 81 percent of all lottery draws.

If you’re looking to win big, it’s a good idea to check your winning numbers before the draw and monitor the lottery schedules regularly. Then, you can buy your ticket in time to be sure of a winning draw.

สูตรหวยญี่ปุ่น ’s also a good idea to study previous draws to see which numbers have been drawn in recent drawings. These patterns are typically reoccurring and can help you to determine which numbers will be drawn in the future.

To play the Japan Loto, you can use a software product or book that has been designed for the specific Japanese lotto game you’re interested in playing. These products will help you choose your numbers, select the most likely winning combinations, and create a set of tickets that will increase your chances of success.

The best lottery sites in Japan offer safe and secure transactions, quick deposits and withdrawals, and a variety of payment methods. These include bank transfers, credit card payments, and mobile wallets such as PayPal. These payments are fast and convenient, but you should take note that transaction limits may apply.

Business Laws

Business Laws

There are a myriad of things you must think about when opening any type of business whether it is a small business or a large corporation and one of those is how business law may affect you. Failure to pay attention to business and corporate law can land you in a world of trouble-both legal and financial. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to be a graduate of a fancy business law college or have a business law major to brush up on the basic ideas of small business law and corporate business law.
If you’ve paid attention to the headlines lately, you probably know that employment law for business is one of the number one areas where you can get into trouble if you aren’t up on all the employment laws and regulations. There are numerous laws that govern the employment of both regular employees and contract employees. Just for a broad overview, take a look at all the employment business laws you must meet:
· Civil Rights Act of 1966.
· The Equal Pay Act of 1963
· Americans with Disabilities Act
· The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
· The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
· The Equal Employment Opportunity Act
· The Bankruptcy Act
· The Occupational Safety and Health Act
· FMLA, the Family Medical Leave Act
· Employee Polygraph Protection Act Labor Law
· FLSA, the Fair Labor Standards Act
And that’s not even counting the various state employment business laws that might apply to your business! If you aren’t sure of whether you are meeting all the regulations, it’s a good idea to get a checkup for your HR department.
Do you happen to work in the international arena? If you have anything at all to do with international business, then you should be aware of the many ways in which international business law can affect you, your business and your bottom line. At a minimum, you need to make sure that you meet general international business laws, specialized export laws, import laws and any laws of the foreign country in which your business operates.
And what about the business law scene at home? Were you aware that in addition to Federal business law and international business law, you are probably required to meet State business law regulations? Do you know whether you need a business permit or license? Failure to obtain one can result in the shutdown of your business and hefty fines and penalties. This is just one of the ways that state business law, such as California business law, can affect the health of your business if you aren’t careful to stay on top of things.
Finally, what about Internet and online business laws? Were you even aware that there was such a thing? The Internet has exploded so much in the last decade that the government has found it necessary to institute Internet compliance laws. If you operate a website of any kind and do not meet the compliance regulations, that site could be shut down and you could face criminal prosecution and hefty fines.
Of course, no one should ever attempt to navigate the complexities of any type of business law alone and the best course of action is to always seek the qualified professional advice of a business law firm, but hopefully these tips will help you to understand a little bit more about business law requirements.
Summary: When operating a business, regardless of whether it is a small business or a large corporation, you need to be on top of business law compliance. Even if you hire a business law firm, it’s still a good idea to understand what regulations you must meet.

How to get Streaming Video for Your Favorite Sport

How to get Streaming Video for Your Favorite Sport

Whether a person is most interested in golf, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball or some other athletic game, there is no shortage of activities for individuals to watch when the games are on. Sports are almost always being participated in throughout the year and there is a very specific reason as to why this is happening and what individuals can do in order to make sure that they do not miss any of the necessary and exciting action that the world of sports has to offer them. There are sports being played all year round, and many people do not want to be caught unaware during an important game. This is why when an individual is away from their television, radio, or other device that would inform them of the status or highlights of the game, they will often turn to their computer or cell phone.

Both of these devices will enable a person to catch up on what they may have missed during a specific game. There are simple steps that need to be taken before a person can get streaming video from the internet, and some slightly more complicated steps, but all in all many people would argue that it is very helpful to be able to access sports information when they want to, especially in video form. Many people enjoy being able to see the sports highlights from particular games simply because there are many instances in which an individual is not able to accurately envision what happened during the game because it would be too difficult for the person who is writing about the event to come up with the descriptions necessary. It is much faster for the individual to be able to view a streaming video clip as opposed to reading about the instance.

When it comes to getting streaming video for your favorite sport, many people will need to first decide what their favorite sport is, and then they will need to determine if they are trying to access streaming video on their computer or on their cell phone. Whether a person is using the internet or they are using the cell phone, it will be very important that they have an internet connect. This is what allows the individual to connect to the servers that are offering the streaming video clips that sports fans are interested in viewing and learning from on their phone or computer. Once this connection has been established, it is very easy for the individual to be able to access the sports information and streaming videos that the individual is interested in viewing.

They simply need to go to a website that has a server offering these videos. While some people are aware of the particular sports websites that they want to access the information from, other people may have to seek assistance in order to find the particular videos for which they are searching. This particular problem is easily solved by using a search engine in order to look for the sports themed streaming videos of their choice.

Scams: How to identify and avoid – List of the most known ,including Ebay Scams

Scams: How to identify and avoid – List of the most known ,including Ebay Scams

Telephone lottery scams: These include the Canadian lottery scam and the El Gordo Spanish lottery scam, which deceptively uses the name of a genuine lottery. People respond to an unsolicited mailing or telephone call telling them they are being entered into a prize draw. They then receive a telephone call congratulating them on winning a big prize in a national lottery – but before they can claim their winnings, they must send money to pay for taxes and processing fees. The prize doesn’t exist.

Prize draw, sweepstakes and foreign lottery mailings: many typical scams take the form of prize draws, lotteries or government payouts. Most appear to be notification of a prize in an overseas draw or lottery in return for administration or registration fees.

Premium rate telephone number scams: Notification by post of a win in a sweepstake or a holiday offer includes instructions to ring a premium rate 090 number to claim your prize.

Investment related scams: An unsolicited telephone call offering the opportunity to invest in shares, fine wine, gemstones or other soon-to-be rare commodities. These investments often carry very high risk and may be worth a lot less than you pay. The shares are not quoted on any stock exchange and you will not be able to sell them easily afterwards. ‘Solid’ valuable investments, such as gem stones, are often said to be stored in secretive Swiss bank vaults, so you can never see your investment.

Nigerian advance fee frauds: THE MOST KNOWN SCAM. An offer via letter, e-mail or fax to share a huge sum of money in return for using the recipient’s bank account to permit the transfer of the money out of the country. The perpetrators will either use the information given to empty their victim’s bank account; or convince him or her that money is needed up front for bribing officials. Pyramid schemes: offer a return on a financial investment based upon the number of new recruits to the scheme. Investors are misled about the likely returns as there are not enough people to support the scheme indefinitely – only the people who set up the scheme are able to make any money.

Matrix schemes: are promoted via web sites offering expensive hi-tech gadgets as free gifts in return for spending £20 or similar on a low-value product such as a mobile telephone signal booster. Consumers who buy the product join a waiting list to receive their free gift. The person at the top of the list gets their free gift only after a prescribed number – sometimes as high as 100 – of new members join up. In reality, the majority of those on the list will never receive the expensive item they expect.

Credit scams: another advance fee fraud, originating in Canada. Advertisements have appeared in local newspapers offering fast loans regardless of credit history. Consumers who respond are told their loans have been agreed but before the money can be released they must pay a fee to cover insurance. Once the advance fee is paid, the consumer never hears from the company again and the loan never appears.

Property investment schemes: would-be investors attend a free presentation and are persuaded to hand over thousands of pounds to sign up to a course promising to teach them how to make money dealing in property. Schemes may involve the opportunity to buy properties which have yet to be built at a discount. A variation is a buy-to-let scheme where companies offer to source, renovate and manage properties, claiming good returns from rental income. In practice, the properties are near-derelict and the tenants non-existent.

Work-at-home and business opportunity scams: often work by advertising paid work from home but which require money up-front to pay for materials; or by requiring investment in a business with little or no chance of success.

Ebay Scams/PaypalBank scams

1. You can receive an email from “your” bank or paypal asking you to log in in order to..(say verify something) the page you are redirected is actually a phishing page and all the information,including your account passwords will be stolen. DO NOT EVER trust any emails like this. If in doubt,call your bank or go directly to the website(eg. www.ebay.com) and inter your account details there.

2. EBay scams may involve people trying to buy goods from you with money order,where they pay you with fraudulent bill. You sent the goods,thinking your bank will clear this up,but it would not…. Always wait until the money are cleared by your bank,before sending stuff. Sometimes they use their own shipping company.

3. Ebay scam which is also popular involves stealing someone elsese account(by the means of #1,etc). Then they post an item for sale for a price you can’t resist. When you purchase it, they will ask you to pay,using money order or similar service. They can also set up a fake escrow service. Beware.

Use commone sense for every purchase. If it’s too good to be true- IT IS. No free cheese in this world other than for your pets 🙂

Buying Watercolor Paintings

Buying Watercolor Paintings

I’ve been buying watercolor paintings for decorating jobs. I’ve found some really nice pieces on eBay. I recently bought a watercolor painting by an artist named Y. Gianni. The painting was produced in 1890 and depicted an Italian village. It was very vivid and pleasing to look at.

I was trying to find just the right watercolor painting for a client when I came across one by an artist named William B. Gillette. The colors were pastel, ranging from soft greens, browns, blues, purples and peach. The scene was that of a pebble beach and crashing waves. The hills on one side gave the beach a feeling of privacy. It really spoke to me and my client loved it.

There was a cabin that I was decorating for a discerning client that needed one more piece of art to complete the look I was going for. I found a wonderful watercolor painting that fit just right. It had a lot of mossy green colors and there was a lake with a lake house. The artist turned out to be Charles Dickens Wader. He is a well known artist from New York.

I have a client that collects art from Romeo Tabuena. I was fortunate to find two watercolors that the owners had purchased directly from Tabuena in the fifties when they lived in San Miguel. The owner settled with me for an even thousand dollars. My client was thrilled.

A lawyer friend of mine hired me to redecorate his office. I had a lot of fun putting in things that reflected his interests and tastes. He loves polo and I found a wonderful watercolor painting of two polo players on horses. My friend liked the paintings and they have become a conversation piece in the new office.

My friend’s dad liked the office I decorated so much that he commissioned me to redecorate his office. He is a hunter and I found a really nice watercolor painting of several mallard ducks flying above a marsh. The painting was done by Jim Killen and he has painted for Ducks Unlimited. His work is well known and respected. My friend’s father really liked the find and proudly hung it in his reception area.

I was really unsure where I was going to find suitable art for the program director’s office at a local radio station. When I went to visit with him for a consultation, his office was absolutely stark. I like watercolor paintings and that is my first choice for buying art. I found a fantastic watercolor painting of Bob Marley surrounded by sunflowers. It was awesome and perfect for this job.

There is a musician that I was working for a couple of years ago that wanted their studio decorated with paintings from the artist Raoul Dufy. Raoul Dufy made a whole series of paintings called Hommage to Mozart. I was able to purchase three watercolor paintings in this series. I have always been on the lookout for more paintings to purchase for this client.

A friend of mine asked me to find a watercolor painting to give to her mother. I found one by Henry H. Parker that was of cattle in landscape. The frame was what caught my eye at first because it is heavy gilt. It would never hang in my house, but it looked great at my friend’s mother’s house.