Ohio State Basketball Tickets – Is Osu Still A "football School?"

Ohio State Basketball Tickets – Is Osu Still A "football School?"

Ohio State basketball tickets at one time gave fans the chance to see one of the most dominant programs in the United States. However, that was 40 years ago, and since then the Buckeyes have been largely known as a “football school”, and for good reason. The football team produced iconic figures such as Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin, Eddie George and even current coach Jim Tressel, all of whom significantly added to Buckeyes lore.

Meanwhile, the basketball team has always been known as “good” but not “great”. They did get to a Final Four in 1999, but other than a few bright years in the early 1990’s with players such as Jim Jackson, the Buckeyes have not been largely known for their basketball program. That’s all changed recently, and for a few definable reasons. Are the Buckeyes ready to be known as a “basketball school” or a “multiple-sports power?” We’ll examine their basketball program below to see how things shake out.

Upwardly Mobile Coach

A college basketball program, perhaps more than any other non-professional sport, is defined by the coach. Thad Matta arrived in Columbus in 2004 after OSU had dismissed Jim O’Brien after a turbulent reign over the program that was successful but mired in controversy. Matta had an impressive resume based on his stints at Butler and in-state Xavier prior to heading to Ohio State, and he quickly began to place his imprint on the program.

Matta led the Buckeyes to a 20-win season in 2004-05, and he continued to build upon that start with a 26-win season in 2005-06. At that point, Matta’s recruiting really placed the Buckeyes on the map, as he signed what many consider to be one of the greatest recruiting classes in history. As a result, Matta single-handedly provided an enormous boost to the sales of Ohio State basketball tickets, and for good reason. The Buckeyes are currently loaded.


As important as a coach is to a college basketball program, no team will sustain success over the long haul without talent. Talent is not the problem in Columbus, as C Greg Oden is almost certain to be the top pick in the NBA draft as soon as he decides to declare. The team has more than Oden, though – PG Mike Conley, Jr. leads the offensive attack, and Daequan Cook and Ron Lewis, a freshman and senior, respectively, add scoring punch from the perimeter and by attacking the basket.

This team also plays defense, as Oden intimidates teams in the paint, forcing opponents to deal with the Buckeyes’ aggressive perimeter defense. This talent could take the Buckeyes to the Final Four, where Matta’s X’s and O’s will also provide them with an advantage. Regardless of where they wind up, the possibility for a title is in place this season, so act now to get your Ohio State basketball tickets for a show to remember.