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How To Create A Business Note That Is More Attractive To A Note Investor

How To Create A Business Note That Is More Attractive To A Note Investor

You are selling your small business (business value under $1 million for this article). You would like the buyer of your business to come in with an all-cash offer, or be able to qualify for an SBA guaranteed loan. However, in many cases the owner of the business ends up taking back the financing because the buyer is not able to make an all-cash offer or does not qualify for an SBA guaranteed loan. So you create a “business note” and you now become the “bank”. At first that may seem okay, but after a couple of years of receiving payments you may decide you want to get back into business and you need the cash that is tied up in your business note on which you are receiving payments. So now you want to sell your business note to raise cash for your next business venture. What is it worth? That will depend a lot on how you structured the note. The objective of this article is to help you structure the note so that it is more attractive to a prospective business note buyer.
Assumption: This article discusses the structure of a note that includes only the business assets of a business. If a business also includes real estate that is being sold at the same time as the business, that real estate should be sold in a transaction that is financed separately from the business assets. This allows each to be valued and financed in the most optimum manner. For example, it may be possible to finance the real estate with a lower down payment, for a longer term, with a lower interest rate, and without a personal guarantee.
The objective of a business note buyer or investor when buying future business note payments is to minimize the risk of a default on the note. Therefore, they look for specific things when evaluating the purchase of future payments from your business note. Those include the following.
buyer’s down payment
number of payments made on the note (also known as “seasoning”)
buyer’s credit history
personal guarantee of the buyer
total amount of payments being sold
cash flow of the business and past profitability
length of term of the note
payment amount
lien position of the note
amortization of the note
experience of the buyer with the type of business purchased
interest rate on the business note
documentation of the business sale
Unlike the purchase of a piece of real estate, the tangible assets of a small business may not be adequate to cover the amount due on the business note if the buyer of the business defaults. Therefore, the business note buyer is looking for ways to lessen the likelihood of a default. If there is a default on the note, the business note buyer will require that the business buyer follow through on their personal guarantee which secures the business note.
A cash down payment of at least 33 percent should be made by the business buyer. This down payment should not come from borrowed funds. The reason for requiring such a large down payment is to make it less attractive for the buyer to “walk away” from the business if they encounter problems. If they have a significant amount of their own money invested in the business, they may think twice about walking away from the business when things get tough.
If the down payment was less than 33 percent, then the business note buyer will require that the difference be made up by additional payments on the business note. The business note buyer wants to see that the new owner of the business has at least a one-third equity investment in the business between the combination of cash down payment and payments made on the business note while operating the business.
Business note buyers want to see that at least two monthly payments have been made on the note by the new owner of the business. For new owners of professional practices such as doctors or dentists, a larger number of paid monthly payments will be required. This serves a couple of purposes. It should show that the new owner is generating cash flow from the business. It also allows the new owner to see if the business is meeting their expectations. As part of the “due diligence” performed by the business note buyer, they will interview the new owner to see if any problems exist that might lead to future problems making payments on the business note. They will want to know if the new owner was “mislead” by the seller of the business.
The buyer of the business should have a credit score of at least 600. A higher score is required by the business note buyer when the value of future business note payments being purchased reaches a certain level. Any “clouds” on the business buyer’s credit history should not be current. These should have been resolved before purchase of the business.
The business note must be personally guaranteed by the buyer. It cannot be guaranteed by the company buying your business. Specifically, it cannot be guaranteed by a person signing on behalf of the company. If there is a default, the business note buyer will be coming after the personal assets of the individual(s) making the personal guarantee. A personal financial statement for the buyer should be obtained to verify that they have the necessary assets should it be necessary to fulfill the personal guarantee.
The maximum amount a business note buyer will buy in a single transaction is between $300,000 and $450,000. You can create a business note for more than this maximum amount, but the business note buyer won’t buy more than their maximum at one time. This means when the period is completed for which payments have been sold any remaining payments will once again come to you. At this point you will have the option of selling future payments again, if you want to.
The cash flow of the business must be adequate to service the note and provide additional cash for the new owner to live on. The cash flow should be at least 1.25 times the amount required to service the note. The business should have been in the same location for at least 3 years (4 years for restaurants and bars), and it should have been profitable over that time.
The term of the note should not be longer than 72 months with 36 to 60 months being preferred. You can create a business note for longer than the recommended period, but a business note buyer will only buy the number of payments with which they are comfortable. The objective is to minimize the risk to the note buyer. The longer the term, the greater the likelihood that something will go wrong. The note buyer is looking to minimize their risk because the note is not fully secured by the assets of the business.
A key item related to the term of the note is the term of the lease of the space in which the business operates. In order to avoid a major disruption to the business due to a problem renewing the lease, the term of the lease should be at least as long as the term of the business note.
The business note must be in first lien position. The business note cannot be a second position lien behind a bank loan. If there is a default, the second position lien holder may have a difficult time recovering their investment.
The business note should be fully amortized over its term. There cannot be a balloon at the end because there is probably no way to refinance the balloon at the end of the note term. If a bank was not willing to finance the original transaction, it is unlikely that they would be willing to finance the balloon at a later date.(Notes: Some business note buyers may accept a balloon if it can be amortized within 24 months using the same monthly payment used to pay the note. Other business note buyers may buy payments up to a few months before the end of the note term, but leave the balloon for the business note holder.)
The business note buyer wants to see that the new owner of the business has prior experience running the type of business being purchased. This is especially important for the purchase of a “high-tech” business or a professional practice. The assumption is that someone with experience in the type of business has a better chance of succeeding than someone without prior experience.
One of the biggest factors contributing to the discount that the seller will have to take when selling the future payments is the difference between interest rate on the original business note, and the yield required on their investment by the business note buyer when they buy the future note payments. Therefore, the interest rate on the business note should be set as high as possible while still allowing a monthly payment that can be covered by the cash flow of the business for the term of the note.
The deal is not done until the paper work is done. There are stories where people documented the sale of a business on a napkin or restaurant place mat. That will not be adequate if you have any thought of selling your business note in the future. There are four main documents that should be produced. It is recommended that a lawyer be used to help properly prepare these documents. The documents are listed below.
chattel security agreement or chattel mortgage
promissory note
purchase agreement
The UCC-1 documents that the seller is holding a “perfected” lien on the business. This document is filed with county government and is part of the public record. If there is a default, this document indicates that the business seller will be first (after tax liens) to receive proceeds from the sale of any business assets.
The “chattel security agreement” is a list of the tangible assets of the business. This will usually be the furniture, fixtures, and equipment that are the tangible assets of the business. The intangible assets are things like a loyal customer base that can be lost if the new ownership does not provide the service received from the previous ownership. The chattel security agreement does not become part of the public record, but is necessary to document what the tangible assets were at the time of the business sale.
If any vehicles are part of the security for the business, the title of the vehicles should indicate that you are the owner of the vehicles so that the new business owner cannot sell these vehicles without your knowledge.
The promissory note documents the details of the sale like value of the note at the time of sale, the term of the note, the monthly payment, the interest rate, and any other special terms such as late payment fees.
The purchase agreement ties the whole transaction together. It may contain information that is not specifically contained on the other documents such as provisions to provide periodic financial statements to the seller which could then be made available to a prospective note buyer for evaluation.
The promissory note or the purchase agreement should not contain any “offset” statements which would allow the business buyer to deduct from payments made on the note due to problems running the business or problems with equipment purchased as part of the business. If the promissory note or purchase agreement does contain “offsets”, then the business note buyer will require at least 6 months of seasoning to see if there have been any events that would activate the “offset” provisions.
The following table summarizes the factors contributing to a business note that will be more attractive to a prospective note investor.
Note Factor
Preferred Value for Note Factor
Buyer’s Down Payment
At least 33% in cash that was not borrowed
Minimum Number of Payments Already Made (Seasoning)
2 monthly payments (more are preferred and more are required for professional practices) by the new owner
Buyer’s Credit History
Buyer must have a credit score of at least 600 with no recent “clouds” on credit history
Personal Guarantee
Personal guarantee required (cannot be a person signing on behalf of corporation or partnership)
Total Amount of Payments Being Sold
Maximum is $300,000 to $450,000 in a single transaction (note can be created for more than this amount, but the maximum that can be sold at one time is $300,000 to $450,000)
Cash Flow of the Business
Cash flow should be at least 1.25 times the amount of the monthly payment on the business note.
Length of Term of the Note
72 months maximum but 36 to 60 months is preferred (Note can be created for a longer term but business note buyer won’t buy the payments beyond a certain point.)
Lien Position of the Note
First lien position only
Amortization of the Note
Note must be fully amortized within the note term
Experience of the Buyer
The buyer should have prior experience in the type of business being purchased.
Interest Rate
As high as possible such that cash flow can support the required payment for the term of the note.
Documentation For Sale
Chattel Security Agreement
Promissory Note
Purchase Agreement
Real Estate
Real estate that is part of the business should be sold in a separate transaction from the business assets
Of course, a business note can be structured other than recommended above, especially if the seller does not anticipate selling future note payments. However, if the seller has any thought that they might want to sell future note payments, then the seller should follow the above recommendations as much as possible.
If you have an existing business note or are in the process of creating one as part of the sale of a business, and you are thinking about selling some or all of your future payments on that note, then we can help you determine what an investor would be willing to pay for those payments. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on the sale of your future business note payments.

Business Grants for Women

Business Grants for Women

Many women in business find that in order to meet their business’ financial needs, they turn to searching out a loan source. Business loans for women are widely available through the Small Business Administration and a variety of other sources such as banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Loans, however, are not the only source for financing. In some instances, business grants for women are available.
Business grants for women are a wonderful option for some women in business. Grants are an excellent source of funding because grants are not repaid. The funding is provided through government resources that have been budgeted for specific needs in our national community. Anyone is open to apply, so business grants for women are available to anyone regardless of gender, race, religion, or background.
The downside of grants is that business grants for women are not widely available. Rather, business grants for women are available only to select businesses and under very strict circumstances, mostly for research or development. Technologically-focused businesses, for example, will find it much easier to qualify for a grant than a craft or retail business. Still, because the money is readily available, even if your business is retail oriented, it may be of benefit to check into business grants for women available for various resources that could assist you in your business.
According to Denouement Solutions and, the United States government and its government organizations offer more 1000 grants totaling more than $400 billion in grant funding every year. Only 10 percent of citizens that qualify for these grants actually apply for grants, despite the fact that many more than that would qualify for a business grant for women. Therefore, even though not every individual or business is eligible for a business grant for women, it certainly can be beneficial to check into business grants for women.
According to, the United States government’s web site and main resource for grants that are available and can be applied for, there are more than 1000 grant programs offered by the 26 Federal grant-making agencies. These programs fall into 21 different categories, as defined by the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. While some agencies may list available grants under multiple grant categories, the Federal government lists these categories of grants as follows:
– Agriculture
– Art
– Business and Commerce
– Community Development
– Consumer Protection
– Disaster Prevention and Relief
– Education
– Employment, Labor, and Training
– Energy
– Environmental Quality
– Food and Nutrition
– Health
– Housing
– Humanities
– Information and Statistics
– Law, Justice, and Legal Service
– Natural Resources
– Regional Development
– Science and Technology
– Social Services and Income Security
– Transportation
Even though the category of Business and Commerce may be what appears to have the largest selection of resources for business grants for women, consider the other categories as well, according to where your business falls. For example, if your business is a restaurant, don’t hesitate to check the Food and Nutrition category for grants currently available. If your business is a farm, check the Agriculture section.
Grants aren’t available for starting or opening a new business, and they also aren’t available for expanding on an existing business. However, business grants for women can offer funding for research or development of the business. Many grants may not be applicable to your particular business or needs, but there may be funds available for research, education, or other things needed for you to operate and improve your business to help you achieve business growth.
In general, when considering the options for a business grant for women, do your homework and read carefully. Look at all grants available that might be related to your particular business. Consider looking into the Business and Commerce section, of, as mentioned, and also look into the different categories of grant fundings. Take the time needed to read the grant qualifications carefully. With any business, check into the Regional Development category, as well as the Community Development category. Depending on your location within the United States, it’s possible to qualify for a grant to economically develop certain areas, and expanding a business in one of these areas can possibly assist you in qualifying for a business grant for women.
Additionally, consider applying for an educational grant if returning to school is an option you’d like to consider. Many grants for higher education are offered each year, and not all are awarded. Knowledge is an extremely valuable business tool, and because the money is readily available for those who qualify, and educational grant is an excellent option to consider as a business grant for women.
Contact the specific government agency offering the grant for tips, information, and to ask questions before submitting your application.

Succes And Business Intelligence Hand In Hand

Succes And Business Intelligence Hand In Hand

A business without succes in some degree is not good. Succes comes from either growth in the number of customers or in the numbers of sales you do per customer. Business Intelligence can assist a company to gain new customers and keep hold of old ones. And by keeping old customers longer time you earn more money from them because of more sales to them.
Business intelligence can be shortened to BI. A definition of business intelligence is that it is a method of collecting information on your business. Information is enhanced into knowledge. Business Intelligence can present every business a precise idea of its customer’s requirements. Businesses that have huge amounts of information about their customer’s can take action upon that information. Businesses implementing BI add knowledge and understanding of a customer’s desires and decision-making process. Also the financial, cultural and technological trend of the customer is revealed. By using businesses intelligence, businesses choose either short term or long goals. BI helps a company accomplish those goals.
The idea behind Business Intelligence
The idea of business intelligence is to know your own strengths and weaknesses, and the strengths and weaknesses of your competion as well. Simply understanding the customer is not sufficient. BI is the method of gaining information about every element of your market. This is the fundamental idea in today’s business intelligence. Companies must know themselves better than their competitors, and they must know their competitors better.
Business Intelligence Tools
A company using business intelligence has to accumulate a huge amount of information. BI tools can help businesses sort out, store and even bring together business data. Some data tools are data modeling, data mining and data warehouses. Using data tools helps to progress the effectiveness of business intelligence. At the same time as data tools are used for organization, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is used in the analyzing process. OLAP is usually referred to as plain analytics, which is based on the hypercube dimensional analysis. A vendor can help your business with business intelligence as well. They provide the business intelligence tools and support needed for a successful implementation of the business process. And something important, support.
Business Intelligence final word
The better a business understand its market, the more successful that business can be. Businesses that have as totalunderstanding of what their customers need and want will be better able to work out successful strategies and implement successful processes to make their business prosper. Business intelligence is the path that businesses can take to accomplish their goals, which can be both short-term and long-term.
Some may question on the ROI of business intelligence. There is no doubt that, if a company ends up getting hold of numerous customers, and retaining existing customers as a result of business intelligence, then it will be a positive ROI. Business intelligence, if implemented right and professionally, will help your business.

A Business Credit Card Is Essential

A Business Credit Card Is Essential

If you are running a business out of your home, then there are many details that you need to keep in mind. You should probably be reading up on as much information that you can get ahold of on having a business at home. One of the most essential pieces of running a bussiness from home that you absolutely need to know from the start is to get a business credit card to use for everything related to your business.

Unfortunately, as a business consultant, I have talked with far too many business owners that come to me after failing at running a home based business. Why? Well, there are a wide range of reasons why people would fail at owning and running a home business, but the surprising number one reason I found for failure was poor management of finances. Far too many people do not invest into a business credit card when they first begin, and that is a very dangerous thing to do.

I thought that the importance of having a business credit card was obvious, but maybe it is not. A business credit card ultimately allows the home based business owner to have the freedom to keep their personal finances and their business finances separate. This is essential throughout the year and obviously when it comes to tax season as well. There is no reason why the finances of a home should be mixed up with the finances of a business. Keeping the two accounts as separate as possible is good in the long run.

There are many ways to apply for a business credit card, but you may want to talk with a business consultant before you make a choice on a card. There are many business credit card offers flying around and it makes it hard to know what is up and what is down when you are sorting through the offers without a good take on what to look for. So make a meeting with a business consultant or talk with a friend who is business savy before making any decisions about a business credit card.

The bottom line for home based business owners is that they need to look for ways to separate their business even though it is done in the home. This will be impossible without the use of a business credit card. So apply for one today and see what a difference it will make to the organization and success of your business.

Canadian Women Home Based Business

Canadian Women Home Based Business

If you are considering starting a Canadian Women Home Based Business then you will need to understand the basics of starting your business, including the GST, HST, and PST. There are some things you need to do to prepare yourself for starting your Canadian women home based business. In Canada, there are some specific sales tax items that you need to make sure you grasp, too.

Hopefully by now you know what type of Canadian women home based business to run. If not, then take some time out now to develop your ideas. Go over what things you enjoy and how you can turn those things into a business. Then discover what opportunities or niches you can fill with your ideas.

As you build your Canadian women home based business from the ground up, you will want to come up with an effective business name along with a business plan. You will want your business name to be memorable and simple. A “cutesy” name may be fun at first, but ask yourself if it will be cute years down the road. Also figure out what type of Canadian women home based business you will want to start so that you can register your business and business name within your province. Also, in many areas you will need to obtain a business license, so check with your municipality.

Another item you will need to obtain is a business number. It may not be something you need right away for your Canadian women home based business, but it is something that you will need later. The business number for your Canadian women home based business is assigned when you register to do business with the Canadian Revenue Agency, or CRA.

You will need to obtain a business number if you register for the GST/HST or if you file corporate income tax. Do your research on the GST/HST, because you may discover that your Canadian women home based business is considered a “Small Supplier,” which makes you exempt from having to work with the tax. Even if you do decide to register, you will need to take some time to make sure you understand how the GST and HST work. Besides the GST/HST, you may also need to register your Canadian women home based business as a collector of PST (provincial sales tax). You can usually find information from your province about how the PST works and how to collect it.

Insurance is another consideration for your Canadian women home based business. You may want to consider obtaining a business insurance policy to protect your business assets from incidents that may occur. Make sure, though, that you consider your different options regarding business insurance for Canadian women home based business and do your research so that you save money on your business insurance.

Starting your Canadian women home based business may seem like work, but the joys of being your own boss and setting your own hours can be worth it. After all, you are starting your Canadian women home based business doing something you love, so the extra effort it may take to set it up can bring you the career you’ve always dreamed about.

Six Proven Remedies To Cure The Home Business Blues

Six Proven Remedies To Cure The Home Business Blues

You’ve been putting in long hours in front of your computer, working hard to get your home business off the ground. Or perhaps you are in direct sales and have been on the telephone to promote your business. You are excited, passionate, and filled with anticipation. You bask in the glow of your home business vision, thrilled to be creating your dream. It’s an exciting time!

Then suddenly, one day, it hits you. Maybe it’s the third week, the third month or the third year of your business. You sit down at the computer, or pick up the telephone, and there is a crashing sound of silence in your brain. Everything looks different. It is as though someone dimmed the lights in your office. Your excitement about your business is a distant memory, and you feel terrible! You’re frustrated, anxious, depressed or even hopeless about your business.

What happened?

Dear reader, you just caught yourself a case of the Home Business Blues! This little known malady quietly affects thousands of home business owners at all stages of business. Anyone from beginners to mature business owners can contract this nasty and persistent affliction.

The Home business Blues can sneak up upon you at any time. What are the symptoms?

* A sudden interest in “Desperate Housewives” which begins to look more appealing than your business.
* Frequent need for Kleenex when you total your sales.
* Watching “Dr. Zhivago” is more uplifting than reading your sales reports.
* Looking at your “to do” list inspires you to take a nap.
* You need double espresso and chocolate ice cream to jump start your day.
* You experience an overwhelming desire to toss your computer out the window.

The Home Business Blues can appear at any time. Perhaps your sales are slow, your computer crashed, one of your business partners quit, your direct sales company went out of business, or you just discovered you owe the government $3,000 of self employment tax. The Home Business Blues is a sneaky affliction and can even appear, unbidden, when things are going well.

New business owners are especially vulnerable to the Home Business Blues. It is highly contagious, and can be contracted even from non-business owners. Spouses can pass the Home business Blues along to a new business owner in the blink of an eye.

The Home Business Blues creates depression, irritability, misery, low productivity, and in some cases even causes unsuspecting home business owners to “throw in the towel” way before towel throwing is called for!

Thankfully, the home business blues is not a terminal condition. There are several proven strategies that can help lift you out of the dregs and move you forward to a more energized, productive, and Kleenex free business experience!

Surefire Cures for the Home Business Blues

1. When you find yourself at the “Dr Zhivago” stage, get out of the office and take a walk. It is difficult to stay overwhelmed, discouraged, or hopeless when you’re moving about in the fresh air. If the weather is bad, take a walk on the exercise bike, or put on some music and dance. Get yourself moving!

2. When sitting at the computer inspires you to visit the Yahoo personals instead of working your business, it is time to change the energy in your office. Open the windows, clear off your desk, change the desktop image on your computer, get a new mouse pad, and get rid of clutter. Remove everything that is not absolutely essential to your business. Make space for the new!

3. Make yourself as comfortable as possible in your office. Get a really good chair that helps you to sit effortlessly. Get some plants and inspiring posters or paintings. These will help you to visualize positive results in your business. Create your office environment as a warm, uplifting and inviting space, and avoid fluorescent lighting which drains your energy.

4. Seek the advice and support of your business colleagues. No home business owner is an island! You need to be connected with other successful home business people who understand the challenges you are going through. Find some business networking groups that you feel connected to, join them, and introduce yourself.

Discuss what is going on in your business with a trusted colleague, coach or mentor. There is an old saying, “two heads are better than one” and this is especially true in the world of business. Brainstorm solutions to your business challenges, write them down, make a plan, and then be accountable! Some home business owners find a “business buddy” that they speak with daily for 15 minutes, to keep them motivated and inspired.

5. Turn off the TV! OK, there is a time and a place for “Desperate Housewives”, but this is not going to help you to prosper. Instead, pull out your original business plan, which has the mission statement of your business. Read it! See and feel the vision and passion that originally motivated you to create your business. Spend some quiet time within your own heart and re-commit to your vision! If you have difficult doing this alone, set aside some time to do this with a colleague, coach or business partner.

6. Don’t make ANY changes while you’re under the influence of the Home business Blues! Sometimes the blues are a sign that you need to make changes in your business, but other times, the blues are simply a normal part of the ups and downs that accompany any business.

By taking steps to combat the Home Business Blues, you will discover the secret treasure hidden within each bit of advertisty that you go through in your business. Tomorrow, the sun will shine a little brighter and you will feel a renewed sense of excitement and optimism. Once your positive frame of mind has been restored, you can make decisions with a clear perspective.

The Home Business Blues can sneak up on you at any time. Following these suggestions can help you to persist through the rough periods long enough to realize your home business dreams!

Unsecured Small Business Start Up Loan For 2008 Ventures

Unsecured Small Business Start Up Loan For 2008 Ventures

New businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They provide new innovations, new jobs, and fresh concepts to the business industry. And owning a business is the dream of many Americans as well. Being your own boss has been ranked as one of the key goals of many Americans. The attraction of the freedom of running your own business, with no limitations or glass ceilings is impossible to deny. This mutualism has created a huge growth of small businesses in the nation, and today, many more people think about owning their own businesses than ever before. But starting a business requires money. Without start up capital, very few people have the resources available to launch a successful business idea. A new business needs a dependable source of income until it can generate the profits it needs to cover its own costs and produce an income. A unsecured small business start up loan can alleviate a lot of stress.

A business loan for start up costs is an essential part of giving a new business the formidable strength it needs to catapult itself into success. There are many more costs associated with starting a new business than one first considers. Overhead, even for a small organization, can be quite high. This includes operating expenses included but not limited to salaries, rent, the cost of equipment and supplies, utilities, advertising, as well as other unforeseen events. Even with a unsecured small business start up loan and great business planning, it can take an average of six months before the business actually becomes profitable.

The benefits to receiving extra funding from a unsecured small business start up loan are many. An owner can quickly get his or her business idea up and running. The extra cash can be used to purchase, lease, or renovate a building. An owner can advertise his or her concept in a variety of forms—banners, newspaper or radio advertising, starting a website, and getting new business cards. Additionally, an owner can get new equipment, tools and other items necessary. Extra funding can help a business owner make a big impact at first, and give a good first impression to his or her customers. A great beginning with a startup loan for small business needs is key to the success of a new small business—and a unsecured small business start up loan can help attain just that.

Unfortunately, it is not so simple when it comes to the loan process. Potential business owners are quickly discouraged when lenders impose a long list of requirements that are difficult or impossible to meet. Detailed business plans and collateral requirements are the two biggest setbacks when it comes to obtaining business funding. And many loan processes take weeks or even months!

Obtaining financing can sometimes be the most grueling part of starting a new business. The loan approval process for an unsecured small business start up loan sometimes seems like a maze, with stringent credit requirements, complicated business plans, and paperwork full of terms that are like a foreign language to the layman prospective business owner simply trying to get a loan. Options can be rather slim and unfitting when it comes to financing for the new business owner; unrealistic collateral requirements and proof of projected business profitability can sometime seem more like a joke than a reality.

Collateral is often the biggest obstacle to the prospective business owner. Not only does a new business not yet have any commercial collateral to provide; but it is asking a lot for an entrepreneur to put his hard earned personal assets at risk in order to start a new business venture. Yet, without collateral, getting a business financing can sometimes seem impossible.

The good news is, though rare, some companies to have specialized programs for exactly this scenario. An unsecured small business start up loan can get a new business owner the funding he needs to cover initial business costs, without having to provide collateral and place his or her assets at risk. With this type of financing plan, the lender utilizes something the borrower has worked hard for and should be able to take advantage of – his good or bad credit. With this approach, the lender can still lend an unsecured business start up loan at great rates and with a variety of programs.

Applying for a unsecured small business start up loan is easy, all the business owner need to do is just go on line and submit their loan details. Then the lenders will refer back to you with the loan decision in a few days.

Business Debt Consolidation Loans UK – Consolidate Your Business Needs Now!

Business Debt Consolidation Loans UK – Consolidate Your Business Needs Now!

Mounting business debts growing high? You are unable to manage your business debt payments on time? What next? Business debt consolidation loans uk, can merge together unpaid business debts of your multiple lenders and efficiently manage your debts at a consolidated lower bill and lesser business loan rates.
You might consider a business debt consolidation loan UK – Consolidate your business needs now! When business debts are the main cause of worry you should consider business debt consolidation loan if:

• You want to reduce your monthly business loan payments
• You are paying high rates of interest on your existing business debts
• If you need to release extra cash from your home to meet any financial emergencies

When you opt for a business consolidation loan you are rid off all the stress and anxiety you have battled for so long! You’ll be amazed by the volley of benefits by clubbing all your business needs together with a simple online business debt consolidation loan and consolidate your business needs. Take specialist’s help to club your business debts efficiently with us.

• Reduced interest rates
• One, single affordable monthly payment
• Specialist advisors
• Easy and convenient online application form
• Free/ No obligation quotes
• Clear your debts soon

Online business debt consolidation loan uk deals will let you deal with all your debts in the shortest possible time. You can consolidate all your business debts into one single affordable monthly payment which comes with lower interest rates. What more could you ask for?
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Qualified lenders online will certainly help restore your financial balance in the shortest time. This overwhelming task can leave you stressed and anxious! Apart from facing bad business debts you are also battling bad credits! However, search online route and easily find a bad credit debt consolidation loan to meet your business needs.

Easy to Create Adobe Business Development Documents

Easy to Create Adobe Business Development Documents

When working to develop or grow a business, many companies both large and small use business development practices, coaching, and documents to put their management on the same page. Business development practices and ideas are the cornerstone of growth and success for any business. Business development refers to activities of idea formation, goal setting, and overcoming obstacles for the common good of the company. One of the best ways to promote business development practices and ideas is through adobe business development documents.

There are many advantages to using adobe business development documents. One of the most notable advantages to using adobe business development documents is the ability to lock some areas of the form, while allowing managers and leaders who use the adobe business development documents to manipulate, or input information, into other areas of the forms. Another advantage to using adobe business development documents is that they can be used online, on a server, or via another document sharing system. This allows for tighter security of confidential information that may exist on the adobe business development documents.

Another advantage to using adobe business development documents is the ease with which you can create adobe business development documents to suit any needs of your company or organization. With adobe, you can easily create assessments for business development activities using check boxes, radio buttons, fill in the blank, and other elements of traditional forms. These form features can be locked so that they cannot be altered, but answers can be given.

When you create an adobe business development document, you can do so using a document template or a scanned image of previous business development documents. You can easily add text, radio buttons, check boxes, and fill in the blank spaces. You can also easily manipulate the adobe business development documents for easy updating in order to keep up with current business development techniques.

Adobe document software now has additional features available. With the new adobe intelligent documents, a combination of pdf and xml is used to allow for more possibilities. This new intelligent document also allows your adobe business development documents to be filled out and utilized online, with no copies needed to be saved to individual computers. This gives added security to your adobe business development documents.

Creating adobe business development documents can be fairly simple. If you are not sure how to create adobe business development documents, simple classes in the use of the full Adobe package are available. Users of the adobe business development documents will not need this training, and will only need the newest adobe acrobat reader to view and fill out the adobe business development documents.

Additionally, security is easily added to adobe business development documents through password protection. The password can easily be set on the adobe business development document itself, or through the document sharing online service or server. This will prevent confidential information such as business plans, development ideas, and new product line ideas from entering the hands of competitors, or being lost to computer hackers and viruses.

Business Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit

Business Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit

Corporate executives and successful business owners, who have exemplary credit records, usually have no problem in obtaining business credit cards. The card companies that issue business credit cards are in a constant race against one another – competing to achieve poll position in a race aimed at securing the custom of these ‘elite’ business credit card holders.

But then, what about those people whose credit records have suffered a few incapacitating knocks, leaving them in the bad debt category? The truth is that they will definitely have a much harder time when trying to gain approval of a business credit card application than those with good and excellent credit histories. This does not mean to say that those with bad credit records don’t need business credit cards!

On the contrary! Every small business – in one way or another – is benefited by having small business credit cards. These benefits are fairly well established by now: the ability to get the business expenses on track with the business credit card, the rewards and cash backs, and the ever ready credit line should the small business face a temporary cash crunch.

The question is: Can they get it?

Here’s the rub. Those with bad credit will have to work harder to get a business credit card secured. They will have to find a way to rebuild their credit standing. Contrary to popular belief, personal bad credit cannot be hidden behind the veil of a business. The business credit card issuers will inevitably draw your personal credit report in the process of evaluating your application for a business credit card.

That does not mean to say that all is lost. It is possible to get yourself approved for a business credit card even if you have less than sterling credit. Most of the business credit card issuers have specially designed business credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit history. The only requirement will be that your recent credit activities must be squeaky clean. That goes to say: no recent late payments and no filings for bankruptcies.

In addition to these business credit card issuers, there are also companies that are willing to help build or rebuild your business credit. This eventually leads to business credit cards. These companies have access to a pool of vendors who agreed to provide credit to people with bad credit. By continuing to transact with them – and being religious in your payments – they can report consistently good credit behavior to the business credit rating agencies, thereby gradually establishing the improvement in your business credit standing

They may have a business credit card issuer participating in the program, who then approves a business credit card for you. The benefits package under this business credit card product can be quite attractive. They can establish an immediate line of credit for you starting at amounts between $5,000 and $10,000 and eventually approve a credit limit of three times that initial amount.

What’s more, the business credit card will be issued with minimal credit or employment checks; in some cases, it is waived altogether. You will not even need to have a checking account. If your business needs some fresh capital, you will also be able to arrange for a secured loan.

If you can link up with groups like these, make sure that you use the opportunity well. Business credit cards are an especially good way to jumpstart the process of preparing your business to qualify for future commercial loans. Good credit histories involving your business credit cards will really lend credence to your business credit report.