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It Takes An Artist To Search For Art Online

It Takes An Artist To Search For Art Online

The excitement about internet, one of the biggest inventions of XX century, slowly becomes our addiction. When you ones start to use it you will continue doing it every day and no wonder, because on internet you can find practically everything. Just using the right key, you are able to get about all on the subject you are interested in. One of the biggest groups on internet is art.

The fact that both the computer and the internet have become a common, accessible technology has opened this formerly high tech art circuit up to a much broader field of artists and movements. or internet art uses the internet as its primary medium and groups various of artists are showing their work on the internet sites.

It does not matter if your are looking for paintings, draws, sculpture, photography or video’s you can find any kind of material you need. No matter what kind of movement you are interested in, there is all to find.

Nowadays you do not even need to visit an art gallery, a museum nor flight to Paris to see Louvre. The only think you need to do, is to click the right key word in one of the search engines and throug the wires of internet you can enjoy virtual excursion through Louvre. To get what you need you can search through variouse search engines like google, altavista, hotbot, lycos, etc. or check the catalogue yahoo. The only one important thing that you have to remember is to be specific.

Internet offers millions and millions of informations about art and artists, contains millions of pictures, so it is an art to find the one you need. There are some simple rules which will help you on an easy way to find quicker all what you need. Remember, the first word you write is the most important one. That is the word for which search engines will look in the first place and to which they will match the most.

Chronology is of the essence. When you want to find exact expression you need to use quatation marks ” “. Mostly you use it by quoting titles and names. You can also eliminate from the searching order words you do not need, by using “-” at the beging. The great thing about internet is that there is to find all kind of art. It does not matter how old it could be, as long as it exists in a real world you can for sure get in on internet. And with a little bit of luck you can also download most of it to have it for yourself. Do not worry, it is really easy and a fun to do. After few minutes of practice you are an artist yourself, the artist of online art search.

Painting books for beginners and professionals

Painting books for beginners and professionals

We all like being creative. Our busy schedule hardly gives us any time to spent time with our self’s. Constant focus on work makes our life dull. One of the best ways to make your life colorful is by doing some painting in your spare time. A Painting Book consists of some beautiful and decorative paintings.

Today you can find many painting book outlets providing some wonderful painting books. If you would like to learn painting you can find a painting book that meets your cause. There are books for beginners that provide step by step guidance of different aspects of painting. These books also provide you with some useful information about color mixing. Painting books are also available for advanced artist. These painting books are highly advanced and drive the artist to new world of creativity.

Some of the painting books for beginners and professional are
1. Face Painting Book – will provide you all the tips and techniques that professional face painter artist use. The painting book provides you with all the fabulous face painting designs, simple and easy techniques and useful stepwise guidelines. The painting books consists books like creative painting books, facial art books, wild animal face books, scary face books, FX face books, etc. These books contain different tutorials on painting animal’s faces, scary faces, etc.
2. Tole painting – is an art of decorative painting of metallic objects like tins, coffeepots, and other similar household items. This folk art began in the 18th century in New England. The paintings are a wonderful artwork done on the surfaces of many metal objects. Initially one needed to have natural skills to learn the art of Tole painting. But today even a fresher can learn the skill of painting, considering the number of painting books in the market.
3. Oil Painting Book – If you wish to learn or polish the art of oil painting why not try an Oil Painting book. Today one can find different types of painting books in the market. Some of these painting books are more instructional while some are very informative. Any of these oil painting books is going to be a super score and will only help your cause to learn the art better.

Search Engine Marketing For The Starving Artist

Search Engine Marketing For The Starving Artist

The internet is a powerful tool artists can use to market themselves. It’s not complicated and only requires time and maybe a little money.

The following are four techniques an artist can use to successfully market themselves online.

1) Article marketing

If you have a specific genre of art that you primarily work with, you can write articles about it. Since you’re already intimately familiar with it, you shouldn’t have to conduct any research.

A lot of people avoid article marketing because they think it entails gobs of research.

If you’re writing about what you already know, then you shouldn’t have to do any research. Just because you don’t conduct research doesn’t mean it’s not good writing. It’s good writing because you know your subject and can communicate it well.

After you write an article, you need to submit it to an article directory. There are several very good article directories available. Do a search for “article directory” online.

2) Digitize your art

The only way others are going to get to know you and your art is for them to see your art.

All you need is a digital camera and a website to make it work. There are also photo sharing websites that will allow you to post pictures of your art for free.

Anyone who is serious about marketing online needs to have their own website. Having a website is about creating your own brand. You can’t create a brand on a photo sharing site alone.

3) Give something away

People like free stuff. In exchange for an email and name, give visitors access to a “private” collection of your art.

You may also want to put together a small ebook with your best art. Along with pictures, you can include captions and other interesting facts.

4) Give yourself away

One of the primary reasons I tell someone to get a website is because it opens up so many more marketing channels. If you have a website, you can pass out cards with your web address (URL).

Many times, people will visit your site out of curiosity. It may not get you a targeted visitor but that single visitor may know someone with art interests.

It doesn’t take much talent, computer knowledge, or a college degree to market yourself successfully online. As an artist, creativity is an enjoyable and important process. Now, all you have to do is apply that creativity to your online marketing efforts.

Art Degree in Media Art

Art Degree in Media Art

Media art is an ever growing field and encompasses all forms of media. Many people who may enjoy working in television or with different two dimensional formats. If you have a knack for drawing figures or designs and wish to make them “come alive” in the media, either on television or online, then you may be interested in obtaining an art degree in media art.

Media art is something with which we encounter every day but pay little attention to. If you are watching television, chances are that you will see examples of media art when the station broadcasts their upcoming events. Media art concentrates on making two dimensional images come to life as three dimensional images. Images can be of people or designs.

People who seek to obtain an art degree in media art should have some drawing experience and be able to draw quite well. Most people can learn to draw if they apply themselves to this art. You do not have to be Picasso to be able to do well as a media artist. If you have a rudimentary ability to draw and a desire to learn, you can be taught the different aspects of media art.

Because of the introduction of the internet into our lives, media artists are in high demand. Not only do they work in media such as film and television, but they also work for online companies. Any time you see designs coming to life, you are witnessing the work of a Media Artist.

A good example of media art is the MGM lion. This was the brainstorm of one individual. The MGM lion would roar at the beginning of an MGM film and was surrounded by an artistic design. As the years wore on, the MGM lion became more of a sophisticated icon. In most cases, the media art is used to portray something that signifies the television channel or film that you are watching.

The average individual observes the media art and associates the art with a particular television station or other form of media. They do not often think about the art itself. For this reason, many media artists are considered unsung heroes of the art world. Their work is well known, but they are not. However, they are well compensated for their efforts. Media art is a growing field and one that can be quite lucrative.

Many people think that getting an art degree is a waste of time. They imagine artists as starving, living in attics and not having any money to eat. They have watched too many films and believed too many myths about the “starving artist.” Contrary to popular belief, most famous artists lived to see their genius discovered and today there are thousands of opportunities for artists to not only find employment, but also to make a very good living. A creative mind is a gift and many people are paid well for having this asset.

If you enjoy working with designs, drawing and have a creative flair for turning images into 3-D designs, you may choose to obtain an art degree in media design. You will have the satisfaction of having your work noticed by millions of people and be well compensated for your efforts. In addition, your craft will always be in demand.

Airbrush Art On Nails

Airbrush Art On Nails

Almost everyone loves some for of art or another. A lot of women love to get their nails manicured. So why not combine the two together? Well that is exactly what has happened. Airbrush art has combined with the manicure to give women great opportunities to use their nails to show off great artwork. Airbrush art applied to the fingernails gives a great flare to a manicure. The designs are only limited to the stencils in which the artist can get their hands on and the artists imagination.

This form of airbrush art has become very popular and a lot of salons around the world are offering this to their clients. Airbrush art is also available on fake nails and are sold at almost every store that carries fake nails. You two can get in on this craze and start you own fun and exciting business offering airbrush art on nails.

Airbrush art on the nails is not for the beginner just getting started in airbrushing. The work area is very small and the artist has to have mastered the techniques involved with airbrushing. One main problem that beginners face is over spraying. Over spraying is when the artist sprays outside of the area in which they are trying to spray. When working with nails you do not want to end up airbrushing the person’s fingers. So before attempting to do airbrush art on nails gain some experience with airbrushing on larger surfaces.

Depending on the type of airbrush art you are doing will determine the type of airbrush that you need. When doing airbrush art on nails go with either the Iwata HP-A or the Iwata HP-B. These are great for airbrushing nails. Even if you do not go with the Iwata though remember to always go with named brand and never use any knockoff airbrushes.

You will need a air compressor that is designed for airbrushing on nails. The best air compressor to use is the Iwata Studios Series Silver Jet Air Compressor. While this one is the best one you can go with any small compressor that has an 18 psi. Preferably get an air compressor that will adjust between 10-18 psi if you do not go with the Iwata Silver Jet.
To do airbrush art on nails you will need nail art stencils or nail art masks. The nail art masks are reusable masks that have an adhesive that does not leave any residue on the nails. Of course if you are really creative and very good you can freehand the airbrush art right onto the nails.

If not then take the time and invest in nail art stencils and masks. The paint that you will use when doing airbrush art on nails is water based. A bottom coat and a top coat are what protects the water based paint from being damaged. You will also need to spray a light coat of what is called varnish between the artwork and the top coat. Varnish is just a water based clear coat that will protect the paint from getting brush strokes when you apply the top coat.

What is an Artist’s Statement & How Often Should It Be Updated?

What is an Artist’s Statement & How Often Should It Be Updated?

An artist’s statement is a statement of ideas and thoughts that describe your philosophy, vision, and passion towards your artistic creations.
Ponder over the following questions prior to writing your artist’s statement:
Is your work whimsical, thought provoking, or edgy?
Does it portray a series of stories?
Whom or what has influenced you the most?
How is your work meaningful to you?
How do you begin to write your artists statement? You could begin by writing a quote that has inspired you and your work, or you could create a strong sentence that summarizes your philosophy about your life and how art has changed your views on life in general. You could also include what type of style and technique that motivates you the most while creating your art creation.
Some artists have writer’s block when it comes to putting down their thoughts on paper. I would suggest that you start with words that best describe your art and inner thoughts then go back to edit them into definite statements. Most artists know and feel what they are trying to convey to their audience, however, writing it down becomes a huge task.
Personally, I believe your artist’s statement should be written by yourself because of the personal touch you would be able to provide to it. No one knows better about your artistry other than yourself. Your audience will get a feel of what your inner thoughts are and how you find this passion to be a lifestyle and not a hobby.
Make sure you aren’t using too many words that only artists would recognize. Express yourself while allowing your words to flow. You are expressing your passion; so don’t feel pressured to become a renounced writer.
While being an artist is a rewarding career, unfortunately, there are people outside of this industry who would say it is a hobby. So, it is very important to express how you feel about your craft through your artist’s statement. Writing a one-page statement would be sufficient in getting your statement across to your audience, but if it runs to a page two, that’s fine. Clearly, it shows your audience that you are vividly and precisely getting your thoughts across.
Your artist’s statement should be updated as your career inspires new direction and when there are profound events that have captured new inspirations in your creative vision. Your statement could be updated at the same pace similar to updating your résumé.
If you’re still unsure how to get started, here are two excellent sites that have sample statements: or
Your artist’s statement is a very important tool. Take a block of time out of your daily or weekly schedules to create the type of statement that will allow your audience to understand how you began your journey.

Airbrush Art Tattoos

Airbrush Art Tattoos

A fascinating form of airbrush art is the airbrush tattoos. These tattoos can be applied to any part of the body and last longer than most temporary tattoos. An airbrushed tattoo will last for 7 days unlike other temporary tattoo that start to come off when you are bathing. It takes time or baby oil to remove an airbrushed tattoo. Tattoos that are done with airbrush art look realistic compared to other temporary tattoos.

Henna as temporary body art does last for awhile requiring time and lots of exposure to water to fade and disappear. Henna though takes a long time to hand paint onto the body. The bigger the artwork the longer it will take the artist to pain the henna design on. Airbrush art goes on quickly thus saving lots of time compared to henna as well as airbrush art is waterproof. Unlike henna lots of exposure to water still will not fade your tattoo. Where it would take an artist 6 hours to pain on a large henna design the same artist could airbrush the design on in around 30 minutes. This is a major amount of time saved for the artist as well as the recipient that must stay still during this process.

Another great thing with using airbrush art to create tattoos over real tattoos, is that there is no risk of infection due to piercing of the skin with a needle. There is no healing time needed with airbrushed tattoos. The great part is there is no pain involved. Real tattoos come with pain and is one of the reason that some people do not get them. So using airbrush art to create a tattoo gives people the chance to have realistic tattoos without the pain.

Real tattoos are permanent and you are stuck with what ever you get. The only way to remove a tattoo that you do not like is to either do a cover up tattoo or go and have laser surgery to remove the tattoo. With airbrushed tattoos you can get rid of it with baby oil or just wait about 7 days and then it is gone. No need to go and get an even bigger tattoo to cover up the offending one or go through the hassle of laser surgery.

To do airbrush art in the form of tattoos you will need certain products. First off you will need an airbrush gun, 10′ Hoses braded hose, stencils, glass airbrush bottles and an air manifold. Then off course you will need airbrush paints that are designed for the human skin. This is usually referred to as airbrush tattoo ink. To finish up the process you will need talc powder and 70 percent alcohol.

The stencils are available in a wide variety of designs thus giving you almost limitless creativity when using airbrush art to create tattoos. The talc powder is to be applied to the tattoo after it has dried. The powder helps to keep the tattoo from fading. The 70 percent alcohol is to clean the airbrush gun and glass bottles with after you are done.

Airbrushed art used to create tattoos will last for 7 days on the norm. Now if you have extremely oily skin it could start to fade in a couple of days. If you have dry skin it could last past the 7 days. To help keep your airbrushed art tattoo for as long as possible keep applying talc powder to it every so often. If you are ready to get rid of it then just rub it down with baby oil and it will come off.

A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops

A Look At Airbrush Art Workshops

Learning airbrush art from books and videos can only take you so far with your art. To take things to the next level and gain some insight straight from an expert, then enroll in an airbrush art workshop. Airbrush art workshops are offered around the world by many expert artists who will show you up close and personal how to create art like a pro. These workshops range from beginners to advanced classes. Each artist and each individual workshop will teach you something new and exciting about the world of airbrush art.

The Learning and Product Expo: Art is one such place to take part in workshops with airbrush experts and gain some hands on experience. While under the supervision of an expert you can quickly learn where you are making some mistakes with your work. Expert instructors include Peter West and Pamela Shanteau who hold classes at the Learning and Product Expo: Art for beginners through to advanced.

AirBrush Action offers their Airbrush Getaway Workshops that run from a one day class to four day classes and are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The workshops offered cover airbrush t-shirt art, murals on steel introduction, achieving photorealism, pinup art, pin striping and much more on airbrush art. The pricing for AirBrush Action’s workshops runs $150 for a one day class and $575 for the four day classes. This is a small price to pay to learn hands on with experts such as Cross-Eyed, Javier Soto, Jonathan Pantaleon and Craig Fraser.

In the UK airbrush art workshops are being offered by Organic Image with instructor Beej Curtis. Beej Curtis instructs on airbrush art in 1 and 2 day classes covering different aspects of airbrush art. Beej Curtis also offers private 1 on 1 lessons for anyone wanting to learn in a more private setting. The private lessons are 3 day classes that will take you from beginner to advanced airbrush art techniques. If you have experience then start where you know and go forward advancing through airbrush art techniques.

Workshops can cover a wide variety of different styles and techniques of airbrush art. Makeup artists that practice airbrush art for makeup sometimes will offer workshops in their salons to teach the art of airbrush makeup. So when interested in learning about how to apply airbrush makeup then look into the websites for artist that practice this form of airbrush art. Usually they will have a place on their website that talks about offered workshops. One such airbrush artist is Suzanne Patterson of Creative artistry. Suzanne Patterson has held several workshops teaching people hands on all about the art of applying airbrush makeup.

With airbrush art is does not matter what your skill level is because there is a workshop out there for you. So even if you have read almost nothing on airbrush art or tried anything with airbrushes then learn all about it in a beginner’s airbrush workshop. Find the workshop that works for what you are wanting and needing to learn then get ready to learn hands on from the masters of airbrush art.

Folk Art Auctions

Folk Art Auctions

Folk art auctions feature a wide range of objects that reflect the artist’s craft traditions, and traditional social values. Folk art is generally produced by people who have little or no academic artistic training. Folk artists usually use established techniques and styles of a particular region or culture.

Folk art auctions include paintings, sculptures and other decorative art forms. Some artists also consider utilitarian objects such as tools and costumes as folk art. For the most part, the category of folk art auctions exclude works by professional artists.

It has been my experience that folk art auctions have something for just about anyone. I found a folk art painting of a cat in a peach tree that was done by the artist Tascha. The artist also noted on the folk art auction that they create unique ceramic tile art.

My mother purchased a blanket chest for me years ago that I listed recently in a folk art auction. The chest was made about two hundred hears ago and is very beautiful. The original painted decorations are still intact.

I found an interesting folk art auction for a carnival knock-down dummy in the shape of a large cat. It was made around 1930 and is twice the size of similar items. I researched the item on a non-auction site and found that it is worth a lot of money.

My heart is still swayed by Americana folk art auctions. I recently fell in love with a painting I found up for auction of Elvis on a Harley in front of a large American flag. It was spectacular! The stretched canvas was painted with acrylics.

I especially like the Halloween themed folk art auction I found that was offered by Sister Raya New Orleans Folk Art. The title of the painting was Little Spooky the Cat – Awaiting the Great Pumpkin. The painting was painted in classic vintage style and used gold maple, red sapphire, blue pearl, white, pumpkin orange, sable brown, amber rust and jet black. I would love to have this hanging on my wall all through the autumn months.

Another folk art auction that I found and was sad to bid up past my budget was a handmade set of miniature dominos. The set was in a folk art decorated maple case. The set dates from the mid to late 1800’s. It was really exquisite and I’m sorry that I missed out on it.

I really liked another folk art auction that I found for a modern fraktur. A fraktur is a specific kind of Pennsylvania German folk art. The fraktur I found was a watercolor of a marriage record. It was very colorful and looked like it held very special significance to its original owners.

I found a wood box from Maine in a folk art auction that really appealed to me. It was rather small, but was painted chrome yellow and was trimmed in forest green. The paint was crazed and worn and it was made in the late nineteenth century. There were no visible nails and the hardware was reported as looking original.

The folk art auction that I missed out on that was way out of my price range was for an Andrew Clemens sand bottle. The sand bottle was date 1887 and was covered in patriotic decorations. It was an apothecary style bottle with a stopper and it contained at least ten different colors of sand. The bottle ended up selling for eighty five hundred dollars. I’m sure that it has ended up in an excellent collection of folk art.

I found an amusing folk art auction for three wooden carvings. The name of the piece was Three Articulating Folk Art Whimseys and were all made by the same artist. The carvings were accented with sheet metal neckties. The first carving in the folk art auction was of a cobbler, a blacksmith and a gentleman with a donkey. The second carving was a diminutive soldier and the third was a cobbler smoking a pipe. I think that this piece of Americana was purchased at a low price of three thousand dollars and was worth much more.

How To Get Started In The Trade Of Art

How To Get Started In The Trade Of Art

Being able to sell art is not an easy task. Even those
people who are already art collectors are hesitant to
be the first buyers from obscure or not so well known
artists. Additionally, it is way more difficult to
sell to people who are not really art collectors and
do not know anything about you. However, once you get
to make that first sale of your masterpiece, selling
again would be a lot easier than before.

Is Your Art Ugly?

As an artist, you should not start doubting yourself
about your creativity and skill with your art if you
are unable to sell them or only sell a couple. There
are several reasons on why people who already like art
do not buy pieces often. Such reasons are related to
their knowledge about art, self-confidence, identity
crisis of what their taste really is, and how much it
matters to them what other people would say about the
pieces they buy.

A lot of people in the art industry, whether they are
new ones or old, usually worry of what other people
would say about their purchase, or that their
colleagues and friends would make fun of them. Even
though a person likes a certain artwork of yours, they
are probably not sure on how well done the piece is,
whether it’s really worth the price, or whether you as
an artist is established enough in your career to
warrant such prices.

Thus, your job as an artist is to help those people
that admire your art feel secure and comfortable with
you both, as an artist and a businessperson. As you do
this, you help alleviate whatever other fears that
they may have and have a higher probability that
they’d buy your art.

If you don’t know where to start, then here are some
tips on how you can make admirers of your art buy your
piece and hopefully in time, turn them into patrons.

Tell Them: It’s OK, Really

Before you even start off with your sales talking, you
should be able to show people that purchasing your
artworks is okay. You can try talking about other
collectors that have bought your pieces, what kind of
people they are and how long you have been transacting
with them. Doing this would make your prospective
buyer let go of the thought that you’re just some bozo
trying to sell him a piece of junk and get hold of his

However, if you haven’t had any collectors, then you
should say so honestly. You should tell your
prospective buyer that you are open to the possibility
of selling your art to them, although you haven’t
really done this before.

How Do You Sell?

You should also talk to them about your method of
selling your art and in what specific circumstances do
people buy it. Additionally, it would be helpful if
you tell stories or anecdotes of how other collectors
have bought their first artworks from you. You should
also talk about your most recent sale, how you were
able to sell it, and for how much.

The method of how you price your works should be
mentioned too, along with which of your work types is
the favourite among collectors, and how many have you
sold all in all.


Lastly, it would be very helpful to talk about the
exposures that you’ve had in the industry, such as
museum or institution exhibits, galleries, trade
fairs, and awards or honours that you’ve received.